Kallyaanee Fortune Group ushers in Excellaa

The expansion comes as part of the company’s efforts to consolidate its leadership position in the real estate sector

Kallyaanee Fortune Group, Excellaa, Real estate, Kishore Jain, Nilesh Agarwal, Mitesh Jain, Sanjay Agarwal, Mumbai, Pune

Kallyaanee Fortune Group has introduced Excellaa, to extend its real estate venture to tap the opportunities being thrown up by the burgeoning demand for living spaces in the country. Excellaa will involve in the real estate projects across India with special focus on Maharashtra.

The expansion comes as part of the company’s efforts to consolidate its leadership position in the real estate sector, buoyed by the successful projects it previously executed.

“It was 25 years back the group which already has a major presence in textiles, diamonds, engineering and contracting forayed into the real estate sector. Over these years, the company developed 1.2 million sq-ft residential spaces, rich in amenities and reasonably priced to the clients,” said Excellaa managing partner, Kishore Jain. 

“The two-decade period has been a defining moment for the real estate sector in the country and for us.  So much changed during this period, including architecture, technology, people’s expectations about home, market conditions and so on.  We’ve been hugely successful in adapting to these changes,” said, Nilesh Agarwal, managing partner, Excellaa.

Excellaa will offer smart living spaces that are elegant and stylish with unparalleled quality in construction pricing them well below its competitors and delivering on time. “With this move we will further develop innovative projects by leveraging new technologies and practicing sustainable construction standards, preserving environment for a healthy tomorrow,” said Mitesh Jain, director, marketing, Excellaa.

“It is going to be a home-coming for our clients because we are the “architects of their dreams,” Jain added.

Excellaa is not just another company that builds homes. “We build homes, we also build lifelong relationships. Our identity stands for this outlook and we are certain it will resonate well with our clients,” said Sanjay Agarwal, director, marketing, Excellaa.

Excellaa will target to develop varied properties catering to different sections of the society including the premium buyers.

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