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Tell us about how the user-friendliness of eresource nfra ERP solution.
eresource nfra ERP is web-based software, hence a user can log in from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection available. There is no specific installation required at the client machine to make use of the system.
Our easy-to-use interfaces make the whole application more user-friendly as the user will be more comfortable using the system with easy-to-find operational tools that have been placed systematically and in a very orderly manner. Our development team has taken extra care to make the user experience as rich and user-friendly as possible.
2015 is expected to be a good year for ERP companies as several companies have not updated their software for some time. How do you plan to capitalise on this?
eresource is always on its moving path. The year 2014 was extremely wonderful for us as there were number of additions to our basic product. First it was with our Cloud edition that suited all industrial verticals. Our exclusive ERP product for construction industry named nfra ERP was launched in November last year, which has got wide acceptance among many construction companies in the country and certain parts of the Middle East.

How does nfra ERP help users in terms of real time calculation as far as planning and purchase is concerned?
A company expected to produce statement based on the tactical plan and budget constraints. A master-scheduled item is critical in its impact on lower-level components or resources, such as skilled labour, key machines, and revenues. Single-level scheduling implies master scheduling at the item level of an end deliverable. Multi-level master schedules explode planned orders down to component items. The master scheduling process consists of: Determining gross demand; subtracting what you have and calculating net requirements and determining when you need them. Infra ERP helps the user to generate a master schedule for all items or for a net-change generation, which includes only items that have been affected by transactions since the last generation. After you generate the master schedule, you can review and respond to messages.
The system uses information from the bill-of-material and inventory records to calculate the time-phased net-material requirements for every component item and subassembly. It suggests a replenishment plan to support the production of the quantities that are specified in the system.
Earlier if a company wanted to move from on-premise to the cloud, it meant sacrificing functionality and forcing end users to move from one user experience to another. How does nfra eliminate this problem?
Every application has own functional methods. However there is no question of sacrifice of any functionality due to application change if the new application is designed as per the existing requirement. As far as nfra ERP is concerned, it has been developed with various options that will fit into the actual requirement of each client. Every customer is free to choose the right version that will suit their need and budget.

Do tell us about the mobility this software allows users. Also, as a modern tool how is it supported by open architecture while allowing for collaboration with partners?
nfra ERP is a cloud-based application which can be accessed from anywhere provided there is a lap top and internet connection. Having said that, we have given top priority to security of the data. Secure and reliable and easy access to any enterprise data is our priority, because any application that is without access to enterprise data becomes a useless application. nfra ERP provides the features and capabilities the user need for no-fail, 24/7, real-time connections with their business systems.

What are some of your new and focus areas and strategies for 2015?
Of late we are focusing on each area of business operations separately. This is due to the demand we get from our customers. The launch of nfra ERP happened because of the huge demand from the construction segment for an exclusive ERP for construction activities. We made a thorough study of the segment before developing an apt system for it. Next came HRMS system, an exclusive system for HR management. Though it was all bundled in our parent system, separating them had its own benefit. Developing an ERP for pharmaceutical industry is our next mission. Upgrading the parent system which will be compatible with all OS and mobile applications is also listed in our strategy plan including some other innovative plans that are getting ironed out. With all our perceptions, the year 2015 is going to be a satisfying year
for eresource.

A market related question. What are some of the trends to watch out for in 2015?
Technology is on the move. From desktop to laptop then to cell phones, today people can work out of anywhere. What organisations are expecting is the result. However, publicity is the backbone of any business. Even in that field the trend is changing. From print to visual media, now organisations are focusing more on online media and social networking sites, which have more audience and less expensive. The trend is going to continue and we will witness more people leaning towards online for all their business transactions and other related activities.

It seems that SMEs are your target audience. Is there any specific reason to choose SME segment?
The reason is simple. Though ERP solutions have become a key business solution for a competitive business process, the cost involvement was not an affordable factor for many medium and small-sized businesses. With the advent of affordable Web-based eresource, ERP solutions have become popular with many medium and small businesses. They have discovered a reliable and affordable software application in eresource which provides end-to-end solutions to their business process. Although eresource serves companies from all industrial segments from big to small, we have more customers in the SME sector.

Can you summarise the benefits of Nfra ERP in the construction industry?
eresource’s Nfra ERP enables interactions and healthy relationships among departments in organisations which would have, otherwise, remained isolated. The problems of co-ordinations faced by each department are solved with implementation of this effective ERP system. As a result of this improved coordination there will be a greater efficiency across the various business processes and functions. nfra ERP system has been developed to meet every needs of construction industry. This includes the unify management of construction accounting, financial management, payroll, projects, and service operations into one database. The system also automates multi-location, multi-company, and inter-company accounting.

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