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Viega Sanpress Inox: A reliable piping system made of high quality Stainless Steel


Viega’s Sanpress Inox stainless steel piping system is designed to provide the highest degree of safety, hygiene and endurance. It encompasses a comprehensive range of pipes and press fittings for plumbing in building services. They are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel 1.4401 (SUS 316) and is available in sizes between 15 and 108 mm, including the intermediate size 64 mm. This ensures they are particularly suitable for use in industrial applications along with residential.

 Sanpress Inox in drinking water installation: Poor quality potable water can damage health. The stainless-steel material 1.4401 (SUS 316) of Viega’s Sanpress Inox system offers quality that can be used with all kinds of drinking water – even under the strictest of conditions, as long as disinfection is carried out correctly.

The world renowned Viega press technology with SC-Contur is the heart of the Sanpress Inox Pipe system. The connectors are pressed with Viega’s light and practical press tools. It makes piping connections permanently secured. Since the pipes are cold-pressed, there is no risk of fire as is the case with welding or soldering. As a result, Sanpress is suitable for refurbishments and extensions. Viega Press Technology can connect all parts of the installation system, even in sizes up to 108 mm and allows for an economical overall solution.

The Viega SC-Contur: guarantees that any inadvertently unpressed connectors become easily visible. This means in case of ‘dry leakage test, the pressure falls visibly from 22 mbar to 3.0 bar. In case the system is filled with water in the range of 1.0 to 6.5 bar then the leakage is seen visibly through the unpressed connectors.

As a further improvement of the SC-Contur, Viega is the first in the sector to guarantee that a complete system can be tested centrally by a manometer. Provided that the entire installation has been fitted with the SC-Contur. If connectors are unintentionally left unpressed, the media escapes and leads to a pressure drop on the manometer.

Double pressing means that Viega press tools carry out two pressings simultaneously – one in front of the crimp and one behind it. That is how it is able to provide a long-lasting connection which is torsion proof and longitudinally force locked.

To protect the high-quality sealing element against damage during assembly, every Viega press connector has cylindrical pipe guidance.

Viega has proven itself in the area where the material and technology has been put to test. For instance the drinking water pipe network at Indian Government’s ambitious research project in Antarctica – “Bharati”; where the temperature drops till -40° has been installed using Viega Sanpress Inox piping system. This is testimony to the high performance of Viega technology.


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