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Sunil Khatwani, VPresident & business head, system airconditioning division, LG Electronics India, on how the company is leading in technology.

LG Electronics has designed HVAC products that reduce energy consumption. Could you expound?
In 2018, LG has embarked on the journey of GREENOVATION i.e. green, innovative products in the commercial air conditioning space. The latest introductions are:
*High energy efficiency VRF systems
*Inverter ducted units (high static): 5.5 TR to 11.0 TR – an energy efficient ducted split system with low noise levels & green gas.
*Inverter ducted units (low static): lowest height of only 190 mm- up to 2.0 TR with low noise levels & green gas.
*Inverter cassette units, Inverter floor standing units & Inverter rooftop units with a green gas.
*Magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers (oil free) – 260 TR to 2200 TR with a green gas – World-class energy efficiency (COP up to 7.0) with lower footprint, noise levels.
*Air bearing centrifugal chillers (oil free) – 100 TR to 300 TR with a green gas (a technological innovation by LG). World class energy efficiency (COP up to 6.4) with lower footprint, lower noise levels and performance.
*Inverter scroll chillers (air cooled) – 20 TR-180 TR (green gas).

Multiple variations of HVACs from LG are entering the market. Do tell us about the innovations available in India.
We have introduced unique products. Some of them are:
a) Hydrokit : This can provide water up to 800 C, when used with a VRF system. Using this kit, we can provide simultaneous heating, cooling and hot water generation.
b) Low static ducted: The height of these units is only 190mm and are suited for residences, hotels, office, etc.
(c) Magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller : This has a capacity range of 260 tons to 2,200 tons. The key benefits are: Low power consumption at full and part loads; Oil free – longer life, increased reliability & consistent performance over time; Low noise levels; and precision temperature control.
(d) Air bearing centrifugal chiller: This is another innovative product from LG with a range of 100 TR to 300 TR. This is an oil-free chiller with benefits like lower power consumption, higher reliability, compact size and lower noise levels.

What are your strategies to stay ahead of the competition?
We work to exceed expectations. Some examples are:
a. VRF systems: We have launched Multi V IV VRF systems that are energy efficient, coupled with ‘Ocean Black fin’ coating on the coil to give the highest corrosion resistance. The Hydrokit can be connected to the VRF systems for generating hot water. Water-cooled VRF systems are provided with shell and coil condensers.
b. Chillers: Magnetic and Air bearing centrifugal chillers in addition to single stage and 2 stage centrifugal chillers.

How are you addressing project execution of HVAC solutions between vendors and users/developers?
Companies are focussed on sales and service. Installation is left to dealers. This is the pain point. We have structured ourselves differently. LG has created a separate projects vertical to handle direct projects as well as monitor projects handled by partners. The projects team includes senior personnel with MEP experience. This assures the clients about quality and timeliness. After sales service is a separate vertical.

What would be some of the measures you would like the government to implement to help the HVAC industry?
We are thankful to the Government for their push towards energy efficiency. Some measures that they can implement to help the Indian HVAC industry are: Commence process of revamping standards for ducted split units and packaged units. Absence of these revised standards is hurting users; speed up the process of establishing Indian standards for VRF systems and chillers; consider energy efficient technologies and green gases in all government projects; reward energy efficient buildings annually; and prevent dumping of HVAC products that are either manufactured in or re-routed, from countries that have a FTA with India.

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