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Scope of PEB is very vast for the Indian market

Arvind Nanda, CEO, Interarch Building Products Pvt Ltd speaks to Construction Week Online on the advantages of PEB over conventional construction methodology. Here are the excerpts:

Although it had a slow start, PEB is today one of the fastest growing industry in India. What are the driving factors for the industry?

PEB is getting its due credit as a favourable alternative construction methodology in India today. More sectors are realising the benefits of metal over brick and mortar. The scope of metal/steel buildings is very vast for the Indian market. PEB proves to be relevant and beneficial to several construction verticals including warehousing, infrastructure, oil & gas refineries as well as group housing.
The advantages of having a steel structure or building over traditional concrete are far too many. Primarily speed and quality of construction are the top two benefits. Steel buildings are fire, quake and cyclone resistant – hence from a safety and longevity perspective, these buildings are timeless. Considering India has extreme weathers as a part of the other seasons, a steel building proves to be very energy efficient, especially when insulated, because of its low thermal mass. The changing perception to a long term perspective and willingness to invest in quality is working towards the growth of PEB in the Indian construction industry.

What is the size of market at the moment?

There are varying estimates of the pre-engineered building industry depending on who you talk to. We estimate the current market size to be in excess of 400,000 TPA with potential growth of 10% year-on-year.

Are you launching any new product in the industry? What is your future expansion plan?

Interarch light is our new light building system that we have recently introduced into the India metal building Market. Interarch light buildings allow ease of construction for light buildings ranging from econo-buildings as well as homes and other light auxiliary buildings. The technology banks on Interarch’s advanced capabilities in innovative light building design.

We also plan to diversify our current metal building system applications to new sectors in infrastructure and commercial projects offering an even broader turnkey and EPC solution to our customers.

What are the challenges faced by the PEB industry?

The main challenge faced by the industry is acceptance due to a higher initial investment over traditional construction materials. One needs to have a macro vision and ability to diagnose the long term benefits of using PEB which include speed of construction and hence ability to generate revenue from the facility; as well as scalability of the product which is applicable to micro housing projects as well as large scale airports, warehouses and oil refineries.

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