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RInfra launch Mobile Environment Monitoring System


Reliance Infrastructure Limited (RInfra) has launched an Environmental Mobile Monitoring system at the 140 km stretch of Pune Satara corridor.
The monitoring van will be used to monitor pollutants across the corridor and endeavor to offer commuters pollution free commute on the corridor. With growing infrastructure projects in the country, the risk of pollution and impact on environment is increasing at a faster pace. The air quality monitoring van will be connected with the back end system called Enterprise Road Management System (ERMS). ERMS is unique centralized systems developed in- house by RInfra Road business for managing multiple road projects with a single console, and caters to various other specific requirements of the road business.
This high tech environment van, fitted with sensors to gauge pollutants will measure air, noise and weather parameters. Parameters to be monitored are SO2, NO2, CO, PM10 particles, Rain, Temperature, Wind Speed, Visibility and noise to generate the Air Quality Index and Meteorological & Noise Index. The GPS equipped van will be configured for auto data transfer facility to central system. ERMS which provide reports such as Ambient Air Quality Index, Metrological Index, and Hourly noise level reports etc. which in turn provides the rating of the quality of Environment. This algorithm is developed in consultancy with experts in the environment field. The system will be useful in studying impact analysis of traffic, construction and road conditions on environment. Similarly, Noise Monitoring Index is implemented to monitor the vehicular traffic and impact on the surroundings caused due to noise pollution.

Commenting on the launch, Lalit Jalan, CEO and Whole Time Director, Reliance Infrastructure, said, “A fragile ecological balance, concern for the environment will have to be the responsibility of all large infrastructure developers. Reliance as a responsible corporate citizen has marched ahead to monitor the quality of environment and to take adequate measures to create a better tomorrow.”
The GPS equipped mobile van at the project corridor will provide information at every stage of the construction in the corridor. It will take protective measures to control toxic pollutants by marking exact location on the GiS maps. High noise area will be posted with warning signs, tertiary crushers will be fitted with rock lining to act as an insulator during the crushing process, developing trees barriers between road and local areas like School , hospitals etc. Apart from these, an emergency response team will be available for 24X7 to control the accidents. Periodic Review will also be carried for the improvement of the functioning of the system.
“For the first time in India, RInfra has deployed such a system for measuring the proper algorithm in a scientific way. There is no mandate dictated by NHAI for deploying such vans, RINFRA, has taken a leap ahead of the other players towards commitment to Green Environment. We are going to continue to lean forward and do what is effective to protect the health and well-being of the people,” Jalan added.

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