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Raw materials sourcing crucial for RAK Ceramics


RAK Ceramics, the world’s largest ceramic tiles & bathware manufacturing company, has revealed that its ability to source world-class raw materials has been a key factor that has allowed the company to maintain its stronghold in the global market. RAK Ceramics also revealed that its current suppliers from Europe, Far-East and Asia, besides UAE have all passed stringent quality standards and also stand out from other suppliers with their proven track record in terms of product quality, pricing and timely delivery.
In addition, RAK Ceramics – which marks its 20th anniversary this year – also stated that its suppliers maintain their own mines and processing plants or manufacturing units, ensuring top-quality raw materials. Moreover, a significant percentage of clay and limestone raw materials are locally sourced in Ras Al Khaimah, which creates significant cost savings that are passed on to customers as it becomes more cost effective to manufacture the products and there is less inventory to be maintained with the source just nearby. Locally sourced clay and limestone are used as major raw materials for tile production.

Abdallah Massaad, Dy. CEO RAK Ceramics, said: “Sourcing key raw materials is crucially important as we continue to expand our manufacturing capability and deal with the growing challenges of finding quality resources. It is therefore essential for us to keep abreast of the supply situation and to always keep looking for more strategic resources, which will be vital for RAK Ceramics to manufacture consistently high-quality products and to avoid any interruption in production.”

“Moreover, the quality of the raw materials is of paramount importance as it has a direct impact on the quality of the finished product. In this regard, entire purchasing activities are carried out strictly in conformance with ISO 9001:2008 and our in-house Quality Control and Assurance standards,” added Massaad.

RAK Ceramics revealed that all incoming raw materials have to strictly adhere to agreed and approved specifications. Before bulk orders are made from any supplier, RAK Ceramics follows a meticulous procedure that includes thoroughly studying the supplier’s profile and product specifications. The supplier is also required to submit a small sample for preliminary laboratory trials and if the material passes the rigorous lab tests, a bigger quantity is requested for semi-industrial test. If the semi-industrial test results meet RAK Ceramics’ benchmarks, there is another layer of test wherein a full container is ordered for bulk commercial trials. It is only after this stage that RAK Ceramics negotiates with the supplier to place bulk orders.

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