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Architecural splendour on the eastern coast of India

The style elegance n opulence of the building matches the best in the country and is a symbol of Odisha's odyssey with growth, says Protyush Mukherjee MRICS, VP, Metro Builders (Orissa)

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In today's realm of skyscrapers and mixed-use buildings, the strongest impact is arguably made by the building's facade that invariably sets the tone of the building as a whole. Structures have evolved from being predominantly passive systems to having high levels of internal control, making facades to be a major component in achieving energy efficiency and enhancing the overall quality of the building interior. With an explosion of new materials to explore and incredible technological advancements, this segment is at its most innovative and functionally proficient stage today. Metro Builders opt for the most efficient façade which contribute to the energy efficiency of the building and thereby its operational costs.

"Metro Builders has taken the project "The Metro Palms" International to the highest standards of IT/ITES buildings in this country where the company Czars can land in style for their meetings.

Protyush Mukherjee MRICS.

Design has been at the heart of this project. The company is excited to achieve what all designers aim for, a balance between practicality and aesthetics. The Metro Palms International has a unique linear facade, like a line rising into the sky and will definitely be a distinctive signature to the Bhubaneswar's skyline. The architects of the project are Ajay Patil & Associates (Mumbai/Dubai) and Inform Architect (Bhubaneswar).

The Metro Palms International will consist of both a vibrant luxury retail space as well as the most state-of the-art office spaces the country has to offer. The project will be the ideal business platform in many ways, from an enterprise-friendly pricing model, to an employee friendly-location, to possessing a host of eco-friendly features.

It is the first mixed-use project to have a helipad in Odisha. It again becomes the first to offer flexible office spaces customized as per the requirements.
It's the only 26 storey, mixed-use retail and office tower in the whole state of Odisha. Its striking profile will tear into the sky to make the most prominent element on the Bhubaneswar skyline.

The project has the unique quality of providing the right amount of exclusivity that a client needs for the growth of his/her business. With only 6-8 offices per lift lobby, each office, regardless of size, gets the privacy it needs, this marks Bhubaneswar's arrival into the Elite Business League.

The green component: A lot of effort has gone into ensuring that the Metro Palms International stands not only as a landmark but also a striking example of an ecologically compliant structure. There are various green components that work in harmony to give the Metro Palms International its status of being a LEED certified project.

The building has been planned in context with the movement of the sun throughout the year using a sun path analysis. This maximizes the amount of natural sunlight that penetrates the building during daytime. Louvers that are manually controllable allow the occupant to control the amount of sunlight if it is in excess. These louvers also play a vital role in keeping the glass facade cool, thereby reducing temperatures and in turn cutting down the amount of AC consumption.

Water is a prime resource that cannot be taken for granted. Keeping this in mind, we have planned an extensive rainwater management system for the Metro Palms International that will enable us to not only reuse water but also recharge and replenish the water table.

Here is the case of an interesting blend of architecture and landscaping. These unique structures will induce a desirable psychobiological reaction. Instead of staring at the facade of a blank concrete wall, you will have the ability to gaze at an organic, green landscaping feature,. One that will give you the sensation of being outdoors even when you're indoors.

There are 8 Sky Gardens that run across the entire circumference of the building. These innovative voids in the building not only enhance the aesthetic value of the elevation but also create a cooling effect, which helps in reducing energy costs.

Two words that can sum up our vision of the Metro Palm's International are "uber luxury”. Every aspect of this project has been developed and planned meticulously to ensure that a guest always heads home with an uber luxurious experience. This stems from the very fact that we consider both a buyer who walks into one of the retail and an office goer to be our guests. So as guests the level of service and facilities has to be top notch.

What it means to our retail guests: 

Shopping Experience - We are building Odisha's finest retail experience. Some of the most prestigious and upmarket brands will soon call this home. Brands that will reflect the calibre of guests that we will attract. With water bodies gurgling and sprouting around you, and landscape embellishing your experience, the Metro Palms International will soon be the go-to destination for the upwardly mobile connoisseurs.

Restaurants & Bars – The rooftop will flaunt an exquisite fine dining restaurant with a majestic view that overlooks acres of greenery. Added to that, the rooftop also flaunts a sparkling pool, and a host of meeting rooms.

What it means to our office guests: 

An integral part of what makes The Metro Palms International so different is the seamless between business and pleasure. With only six to eight offices per lift lobby, your office gets the privacy and exclusivity you need for the growth of your business. When it's time to entertain a client or just head out for a break, you have the best of restaurants and bars at your beck and call. It also acts as a venue for you to interact with likeminded individuals from different businesses, these common areas become great places to share views, opinions, strategies which will help you grow your business.

Hotel - We are also planning to open up an exclusive boutique hotel for your clients, with luxurious rooms and private plunge pools. Reflecting the grandeur of the Metro Palms International, this will be the ideal hospitality option for you clients and guests visiting your office.

Event Space/Banquet - A large event space has been planned to cater to the needs of companies that often hold events and galas to host their clients. Larger seminars and workshops can also be conducted. The space is well be fitted with all necessary support facilities that are required during an event.

Meeting Rooms and a Helipad - We have also setup meeting rooms to cater to your business requirements. Let's not forget, if you’re tight business schedule demands your presence in another city, you can head up to the helipad and whisk off.

Parking Facility - Driveways and parking areas have been designed would take them less than two minutes to reach office. Stacked Parking has been introduced to make more car space available per office chauffeurs have a pad sit & relax.

The Metro Palms International is strategically located on the Bhubaneswar-Cuttack National Highway. This placement offers its guests a twin advantage, pardon the pun, but the location offers prime connectivity to both of the twin cities. So as a business, you are connected to the official offices and government centres in Bhubaneswar & Cuttack, as well as the new bustling IT parks and industrial zones. The airport is just a mere 8 km away, domestic travel for your guests and clients will be a convenient short hop away.

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