Aluminum formwork: A viable solution for labour-intensive construction projects

Nitin Mittal, chairman, Knest Manufacturers, on the wonders of aluminium formwork, of which they are also the manufacturers

Nitin Mittal, Knest Manufacturers, Aluminium formwork

Construction is one of the crucial sectors of the Indian economy and is an integral part of its development. Keeping in mind the colossal task of providing economical shelter to the masses, adopting of a cost-effective technology assumes greater significance. The current pressure on the Indian construction industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an urgent need to cover up for the lost time. Post the lockdown, the country suddenly saw the frontline warriors of the construction industry – the labourers throwing in the towel and migrating to their villages. This was an alarming situation for all developers as this only meant a halt in all construction activities leading to delay and mounting costs.

During such times it is imperative to look at construction techniques that are safe, cost effective, quick and durable. One of the most versatile forms of modern construction is Aluminium Formworks as it suits both high- and low-rise buildings. It is particularly designed to allow speedy construction of numerous projects to ensure optimum productivity. Unlike other forms of formworks, aluminium formworks can be used for a wide range of functions. Everything from panels, windows, stairs and even smaller structures, name it and it can be constructed with aluminium formwork.

The simplicity with which aluminium formwork facilitates construction to happen without the need for skilled labour makes it the most promising system of construction for the current scenario. Compared to other formwork techniques, like timber and plywood, aluminium formwork doesn’t need skilled labour. The repetitive nature of the assembling process makes it easy for unskilled labor to master which lessens the dependency on skilled labour. This is a big boon for developers as this means they can quickly bounce back and try to recover from the huge time lag they have faced due to the lockdown and the pandemic.

Another huge advantage of aluminium formworks is that every component is light enough and can be handled by only one operative minimising the need for heavy lifting equipment. This makes it easy to handle and again it is less reliant on labour. The uniformity and finish is maintained throughout inspite of the speed of construction. Aluminium formworks is durable and can be used innumerable times clearly making this a cost-effective solution. It is also environment-friendly and has minimal wastage.

The true mettle of any process is when it can be used when no other process or method proves lucrative. Aluminium formworks will dictate and revolutionise the construction industry through posterity.

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