A sense of space

Percy S Chowdhry, director, Rustomjee Group, feels that Covid-19 has robbed us of many things – our work culture, our options to socialise, our holiday plans ….but most of all it has us trapped in our homes and taken away our ‘space’

Percy S Chowdhry, Rustomjee Group, Lockdown, Covid-19, Personal space

Probably for the first time in years all the members of the family find themselves at home – together literally 24 x7! While earlier one or even both parents would go to work, the kids would be at school – each one in their own microcosm of friends and colleagues – suddenly they find themselves with only family members to associate with, all within the confines of their home. Even the most positive and upbeat families have now tired of the endless days of lockdown, coping with household chores, watching re-runs and playing board games. Everyone craves that sense of their own personal space.

This is where families who live in high rises and especially those blessed with balconies have an edge over others. While, your square foot carpet area may be limited – having the luxury of staring out at panoramic views can certainly expand your horizons, quite literally if you live on the higher floors! Looking out at a dazzling blue sea, verdant green hills or even a beautifully landscaped garden within your gated community can be a calming influence. Actually, even a cityscape can be quite a colourful canvas when viewed from a higher plane and the nights are an urban delight of twinkling lights.

There is much to be said for spending a few quiet moments on your balcony. In the time of lockdown, every family member can be found snatching some time to themselves on the balcony either reading a book, watching a sunset with a cup of coffee or just sitting in quiet contemplation. The balcony gives a sense of openness that no other room can, no matter how large. The feeling of being boxed in just disappears as soon as you step onto your balcony. That is why it is lamentable that such a wonderful architectural feature is slowly fading away from modern building designs.  Very few developers include balcony features in their new projects and yet, the balcony offers a myriad of possibilities and continues to be on the checklist of most prospective home buyers.

The coronavirus pandemic will be conquered, the lockdown will be phased out but those in high rises with their own balconies will continue to treasure their added sense of space.

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