Navigating Through Turbulent Times

If industry insiders are to be believed, it’s all doom and gloom for the real estate industry. Developers have been beaten by the tough market, and their wave of bad luck seems to be relentlessly chasing them down. Despite this, there are some developers who have understood what needs to be done to avoid getting stuck in this rut. One such name is the ABIL Group, our cover story for the month.
The Pune-based company has cleverly steered clear of real estate ventures except a few choice ones, choosing instead to use this time to expand its hospitality portfolio, while also financing other developers or working with them in partnerships, where the reward is as great as the calculated risk involved. The strategy is working especially well for ABIL, and others could even take a cue on how to navigate the current market situation.
Speaking of navigation, we also have a story on the direction India’s metro rail industry is taking. With multiple metro rail projects currently in operation or on the anvil, the time is right to discuss how far we have come in terms of these ventures, and what more needs to be done. We realise that it is no easy task, as the ones behind these massive projects pinpoint the trends that are being witnessed in this space, along with the technologies and best practices that are making such projects a reality.
All said and done, each industry has its work cut out, and only time will tell who is able to navigate the choppy waters best. While infrastructure is certainly making headway, real estate, metro rail, and airports, cannot lag far behind. They are all interlinked; hence, one can only hope that each is able to keep pace with the other. After all, only then will the country see well-rounded growth. And that is a dream we all hold close to our hearts.

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