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Moving at the Speed of Light


Jayanth Jain, MD & CEO, GM Modular, has systematically worked at moving Indian switching and luminaires to a global benchmark, hitherto unseen before.

You believe in constant innovation and this is visible from the range of products you have. Could you expound on some of the newest technologies/innovations to hit the Indian market – in terms of materials, wiring, design, etc.?
GM evokes a genuine fascination through its capacity for innovation. Its inventions have left an indelible imprint on switch making to begin with. With the current developments being achieved within automation and LED luminaires fraternity, GM is now an undeniable reference in its field. This philosophy is entirely in tune with the vision of fine switch making: its ability to push the boundaries of innovative thinking, blending aesthetics with technical constraints, makes it a full-fledged art in its own right.
A switch today not only does a lot more than before, but also looks a lot better. From switching and dimming, to motion sensing switches that operate with just a wave of your hand, switches have changed forms from touch switches to IR switches lately. Home automation of course further changed the idea of our electrical devices used at home. Intelligent building technology from GM’s G-Bus Intelligent building technology represents future ready technology with easy solutions. The world around is promoting the use of energy efficient technologies and we are playing our role by making a significant contribution to global climate protection. GM proudly announces its association with KNX Intelligent Building Control System, Belgium, that offers a broad range of options for optimum energy efficiency for every home.
Innovations in the modular LED lighting has taken a big leap. The upcoming trend in lighting segment has already become invincible for its exemplary light output and low energy consumption. Modular LEDs lower costs and easily are an inevitable advantage over the rest of the light sources. Modular LED lights have immense flexibility with design variety and usability. LED technology generates little heat and thanks to the innovative design of the light source, totally new options are available in terms of design and function.
As an indigenous company and having a strong R&D base in Mumbai, how do you look at adopting international or foreign technologies in your products?
Any business depends upon the consumers’ acceptance. Especially in terms of imports, the machinery unless benefitting the produce, is futile. Consumers evaluate products by its make, expertise and the technology it is cultured with. GM Modular has a longstanding prestige around and a decade’s experience in manufacturing high quality switches and electrical accessories. When we use a foreign technology in our product, it is for the set of technical standards that characterise how a technology operates or interfaces with other technologies. GM’s collaboration with KNX Building Control Systems created the G-Bus system that is beneficial to a household or an office premise. The innovative G-Bus technology communicates directly with KNX enabling the integration of many devices creating total flexibility in communicating with your home environment at your ease. By transforming the traditional functioning of home electrical installation to more convenient automation control, G-Bus KNX technology has proven to be efficient. Desirous comfort and efficient functionality is the need of the hour. By utilising the available resources and minimising energy costs, GM offers a comprehensive product range with G-Bus to cater the world with the best technology that offers complete home solutions.

When launching a new product, how do you gauge what works for you and does not?
It is a significant decision to make. However, it is before the launch that most of the decision making is done. Everyday the demands change and so also the products. Almost 80% of the products that we use today are different from those that were used five years ago.
A transformation is always in progress and the idea of new has to be perpetually inculcated. Consumer insight is also a significant part in making a product. The product has to be enjoyable and benefiting to both, the producer and the consumer. How does the product influence the life of the consumer is one important question we ask during product development stage. The kind of consumers we are looking at, how would it be profitable, would it stay in demand for years and many other factors that are considered before a product is launched.

Do you tweak products that are for the international market? If yes, do you think it’s important?
It is extremely important to foresee potential pitfalls before going International. Sometimes the product needs to be tweaked, while at times it’s the marketing strategy. It is not only the consumer needs that are changing but so are business models that work Internationally. International market is driven by insights from research and that is the key to strategy to a better connect with the consumer. Some products in the international market need to be carefully treated as consumer preferences keep on shifting. There is always a huge diversity in tastes and understanding. With e-commerce on the boom today, product insights, information, reviews flood the web that gives both the consumer and the producer healthy data to strategise. Thus, depending on the need and scope of business, products could be treated with a tweak.

GM Modular believes that it has improved lifestyles by offering feasible and innovative products. How would you define yourself vis-à-vis your competition?
In the simplest words, the idea of a better tomorrow is the most influencing factor at GM. We constantly make ourselves develop designs that reflect the contemporary urban lifestyle. We invest a lot of time in research only to develop what people need, to know how different it is from what already exists and if it will make life any simpler and better. Our products are designed for one and all, for every home that needs a touch of a new world. When something is good and accepted, it stands no competition. The sole idea has been to be able to reach to the people and their needs and not to promote what we have. So it becomes much easier in building the right relationship and building that trust when you are able to cater to the needs of the people. The world today is filled with a lot of choices to make. Multinationals are everywhere catering to everyone. To be honest, it does affect us until people find the same technology, same quality and all of this at a better price with a home-grown company.

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