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Legrand India to become a part of the $15 billion IoT market in India with the launch of Eliot

Jean Charles Thuard, CEO and MD, Legrand India, at the Eliot launch.
Jean Charles Thuard, CEO and MD, Legrand India, at the Eliot launch.

Legrand India provides a new dimension for connecting lives with their roll out of an IoT programme known as Eliot. Eliot, which stands for Electricity + Internet of Things, is a programme that aims to inject the power of communications, advances in connectivity and intelligence in the building environment and enhances value of the connected products to improve user experiences. Eliot also supports the development of suitable digital infrastructures for buildings and provides interoperability.

In India, the Eliot product offerings are: Residential: Arteor With Netatmo, My Home Up, Classe 300 IP Door Phones, Nuvo for Audio Systems; Hospitality: Neat for Integrated Assisted Living, Flex; and Commercial: Power Distribution Unit, Energy Distribution.

Eliot, a combination of electricity and IoT, will work to transform built environments through a purpose-built Cloud, with gateways for installed legacy offerings, an array of natively connected new products, and solutions comprising connected, intelligent technologies and services. Legrand India through their IoT Eliot programmes aims to deliver additional benefits for all private and professional users, whether they are end users or installers. The products are interconnected in such a manner that they are able to talk to each other and interact when the user wishes too.

The Eliot IoT programme is based on three cornerstones: connected solutions, interoperability, and sustainable digital and electrical infrastructure for buildings.

Legrand is joined by partners Amazon Echo, Samsung and Google Play, Renault, and Marriott in launching Eliot, which offers a purpose-built Cloud, gateways for installed legacy offerings, an array of natively connected new products, and innovative solutions comprising connected, intelligent technologies and services.

Legrand offers a triple focus on digital trust in the IoT Eliot programme, i.e. advantage in using the brand relationship satisfaction, ensuring security where no one else can access your data and ensuring privacy where no one else except you can access your data. On the launch of the Eliot programme, Jean Charles Thuard, CEO & MD, Legrand India, said, “India is at the cusp of technological advancements and it is the right time for IoT to become mainstream. Customers have evolved and millennials are already using app-based services. The success of IoT products requires proximity to both the people who are the users of IoT devices and to the power and data connectivity that will enable those IoT devices and services. We, at Legrand, are trying to build an environment where various devices can seamlessly be connected and combine it with analytics to improve the performance and interoperability of the devices.”

He further added, “Eliot is a great way to establish dialogues with these new-age products. We have made some great partnerships and I am sure our customers will enjoy the added benefits of our solutions under Eliot. Under Eliot, Legrand by 2017 has been able to successfully digitalise more than 30 out of 100 product families, globally.”

Speaking on this occasion, Sameer Saxena, director, marketing, Legrand Group India, said, “India has the ecosystem in place for connected devices. Internet penetration is at its peak, people have befriended technology as a part of their daily life and demand for voice-controlled devices (Alexa, Google etc.) is strong. Through our partnership modules, we have a robust system ready for our interoperable offerings, and we feel this will arm our customers with all around efficient solutions for building and living spaces.”

With its Eliot programme, Legrand has decided to speed up the deployment of its connected offerings, to the benefit of both private and professional users. Professional applications currently account for 60% of the overall market of the Internet of Things. Globally, the Eliot programme is present in France, Greece, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Dubai, and America.

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