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Luminaries from the world of lighting design flew to Goa from the USA, Europe and Asia to discuss the importance of lighting in the field of architecture. Maria Louis had a ringside view of the IIID-Goa event.

Ar Sacheen Pai Raikar, chairman of the IIID-Goa Regional Centre and project manager, Lights in Goa, is not the only one who believes that the seminar held at the Goa Marriott Resort at Panaji last month could change the way we look at lighting.

Almost everyone present during those three days (February 10 to 12) was unanimous about that, including Ar Kapil Surlakar – technical head, Ar Ashwini Ragha – public relations, James Andrade – general organisation, Ar Siddha Sardesai – financial head, team members – architects Rita Mody-Joshi, Sunil Sardesai, Ashley Mascarenhas, Manguesh Prabhugaonkar, Amit Zarapkar, Pallavi Ghate, Yatin Kandolkar with Pravin Pai Lotlikar, Jaivant Dessai and Rajkumar Kamat. And as someone who had a ringside view of the proceedings, I must agree.

“The intentions of holding the seminar were simple: that of establishing Goa as a lighting destination and gaining the acceptance of Goa by the lighting design industry as a viable location to deliberate on its course in India,” said Raikar, thrilled that the event ended on a successful note.

Not only was this one of the most well-organised seminars in India, with participants never left in the dark about where they need to be next (thanks to the thoughtful mobile messaging system put into place) – but the calibre of presenters was quite remarkable, as you will see from this brief review.

The inaugural function began by 9am, upon the arrival of the chief guest – Prof Dileep Deobhagkar, the vice chancellor of the Goa University. Joachim Ritter of VIA Publishing introduced the chief guest and invited all the dignitaries to ascend the dais.

In his inaugural speech, Prof Deobhagkar touched upon the importance of lighting design in our regular lives, cited examples of the effects of light on micro-organisms in experiments conducted under lab conditions and urged the gathering to strive towards the correct approach in lighting design.

The traditional lamp lighting ceremony was conducted by the chief guest along with Alison Ritter – DG, PLDA (Professional Lighting Design Association); Sudeshna Mukhopadhyay – Philips; Ar Ashok Butala – president, IIID and Ar Kapil Surlakar.

In his capacity of project manager, Ar Raikar welcomed the gathering and assured us of an informative and fulfilling seminar, before Ar Surlakar proposed the vote of thanks.

The seminar began with Tapio Rosenius, Spain, opening the first session with a highly visual and thought-provoking presentation on ‘What does a Lighting Designer do?’ After a tea break, Annetrin Jytte Basler, Germany, delivered a highly content-intensive presentation on ‘The Lighting Designer’s Tools and Skills’.

Post lunch, Kevan Shaw, UK, said all the right things in his presentation on ‘Energy-Saver Daylight: the Quality of Daylight and Cultural Differences’. Christopher Mok, Hong Kong, followed with his presentation on ‘The Reference to Daylight when designing with Electric Light’.

Anne Militello, USA, delivered a power-packed presentation on ‘Light & Personal Experience’, but had to complete her dynamic lighting visuals study after the last session of the day. Basler and Mok presented their views on ‘Lighting for Humans’.

After lunch, Alison Ritter made a presentation on the PLDA, its organisation and vision. Joachim Ritter presented his study on ‘Perception and why understanding it makes for better Designed Lighting’ illustrated by stunning visuals.

Finally, Shaw and Rosenius gave a demonstration of Light Sources, Luminaires & Controls, ending the day on an retrospective note with the delegates looking forward to the next day’s practical sessions.

Martin Lupton, UK – president, PLDA, enthralled the audience with his presentation on ‘The need for Qualified Professionals’.

Then he unveiled the Lights in Goa Newsletter with Ar Ashwini Ragha, who had edited the newsletter at short notice.

The practical sessions began after the Hall was re-arranged to create three spaces, where each speaker held a session of 45-60 minutes for 20-25 delegates each and demonstrated different methods of lighting for various purposes.

The concluding session saw Martin Lupton and Ar Kapil Surlakar recap the proceedings of the last three days before inviting each speaker to recount their own experiences of the seminar.

An invitation to participate in the Lights in Goa – Workshop 2011 was extended to all the delegates. Later that evening, a gala dinner was organised for all the participants at Cidade de Goa, a five-star resort at Dona Paula that was designed by eminent architect Charles Correa. The venue was given special attention with the theme being Nirvana, and blue lighting completed the thematic setting.

Ar Kapil presented a short film on the Workshop 2011 to highlight the advantages of holding the workshop in Goa, and requested the gathering to extend their support to the Lights in Goa team. With a live band providing music and a buffet laid out with tantalising dishes, the delegates finally let their hair down after three intense days.

WORKSHOP 2011: Preparation Meetings
The speakers, the PLDA and VIA teams along with the ‘Lights in Goa’ team held a series of closed-door meetings, which resulted in the speakers, who would be workshop heads for Workshop 2011, declaring their choice of sites.

Look out for the details of these deliberations on www.lightsingoa.com

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