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Homes that foster family time

 Luxury is not experienced only in the interiors of a house but also in the family time you spend pursuing fun activities indoors and outdoors with your loved ones. In the fast-paced lives we live today in cities strapped for space, the availability of time and infrastructure to experience leisure time with family is becoming sparse, thus becoming a luxury.
In our decision of buying a property, we score the options against many parameters like its distance from our daily destinations of schools, office and markets and the security and comfort the house will provide. However an important parameter of open green spaces surrounding the house and facilities available to spend time with family, in close proximity of it is often overlooked.
Spending time with family is usually a task involving complex logistics because of two things. Firstly, each person may wish to pursue a different pleasure and often times these different choices can be pursued in stand-alone facilities catering to one particular demand.Added to this people have to travel considerable distance through exhausting traffic to reach these destinations. As a result family members start spending time in isolation, mostly with their gadgets, or commute separately to pursue leisure. This ultimately fails the purpose of experiencing the luxury of spending quality time with loved ones.
Faced with shortage of space, green belts in cities are on a constant decline. A house with a small park outside costs a premium most cannot afford, while facilities dedicated to outdoor leisure time are often located at single points in the city, a considerable distance away from most homes. In such a situation houses built in closed communities offer the perfect solution.
Closed community residential spaces are surrounded by outdoor and indoor entertainment amenities and retail facilities. One can spend time outdoors sharing leisure time with family swimming, jogging, playing a sport like tennis, basketball, squash, cricket and table tennis etc. in dedicated spaces, all built in close vicinity of their homes.
These spaces are thoughtfully conceptualised to foster convenience, growth and well-being of all residents. It caters not just to the outdoor options of spending time with your family. A wide range of indoor facilities are also made available to people. Amenities like a plush club house, fine-dining restaurants and open air café built a walk away from homes aids families to move from isolated experiences of leisure to engaging each other in fun and valuable conversations with each other.
A host of options to spend quality time indoors is also available in closed community residential spaces. Dedicated game room, hobby room, recreational facility, study rooms and library are populated with all the relevant material for convenience of the residents.
Going a step ahead in fostering growth these residential communities also have a dedicated knowledge centre for children, For instance, Urbania has ‘Leon’s World’ which is based on Howard’s Gardner’s theory that purports the existence of eight different kinds of intelligence in humans. Leon’s World has been divided into various growth centres – Leon’s World of Early Learning, Leon’s World of Creativity, Leon’s World of Music, Leon’s World of Math and Science and Leon’s World of Words catering to different aspects of growth and development.
Not just luxury spaces but spaces that cater to enriching experiences in life are available for buyers today and developers now provide a lifestyle rather than just a luxury home to people, where they can make memories they’ll cherish.

The author is president, sales and marketing, Rustomjee

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