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Bio-energetic regulations of living spaces interact with bio-energetic fields of the individual’s body. life space wellness consultant Raman Handa on how to make a residence or office friendly to the cosmos.

Constructions contribute to the identity of any civilisation – Roman, Greek, Chinese or Indian. They need to be built in harmony with the elements and energies of the universe using Vedic Vastu Science, colour therapy and Feng Shui to bring about wellness, prosperity and wealth.

Scientifically, it has been established that the bio-energetic regulations of a living space interact with the bio-energetic field of the body. Thus, any fault in the energy flow of the house actually affects the mental and physiological state of an individual.

Colours, used well, can improve moods, helps increase happiness, enhance wealth and foster marital harmony. Pink and green convey vitality, red symbolises justice, white represents pureness and black conveys a sense of awe, grandeur and depth.

No colour is universally useful in all cultures. But in general, colours should be used to maintain internal harmony within and external harmony between the individual and nature.

Those who decide to buy a house in a cluttered locality should opt for one on a higher floor to allow sunshine into the space. The flooring should be even, and the use of white marbles is a must as it has divine qualities to bring about peace.

In the master bedroom, use pastel colours such as pink, light green or light blue. Plain white sheets or white sheets with flowers or colourful designs are fine. It is advisable to have many colours, shades and patterns for the living-room, as it is a place to entertain guests. Some of the colours suggested are yellow, beige, tan, green or blue.

Dining-rooms, where the family eats and entertains, should be appetisingly colourful. Pinks, greens and blues are the best. In a kitchen, white is the best colour since it denotes purity and cleanliness.

Tips for residential spaces 

  • Allow a bright light on the door.
  • Avoid keeping any water feature or plants in the bedroom.
  • Place a picture of a bright sunrise on the southern wall in the living-room to keep things bright. 
  • Do not keep prickly cacti plants in the house.
  • Place an aquarium in the south-east corner in the living-room. 
  • Place a happy family photograph in the living-room.
  • There should not be obstructive houses surrounding the plot on which the house stands.

For an office space, the walls in the cabin of the head should always be in shades of yellow – as the colour signifies growth of power. The office itself should be painted with neutral colours such as beige or shades of white.

It is also important to choose colours that reflect the spirit of your business. Neutral colours are advised for industries such as banking, consultancies and legal services. Creative and artistic firms can freely use walls with more visual zing.

A picture of a brown mountain without snow or ice would provide stability if placed in the boss’s cabin. An office space should always have green plants, as it not only balances the elements of nature but also makes you feel less cut-off from the outside world.

Chinese bamboo plants are the lightest of plants and are known for their negativity-absorbing qualities. It’s always advisable to install a water element such as an artificial fountain or an aquarium in the north-east corner of the office to bring in focus and accuracy at work.

A black and yellow table-top in the boss’s cabin along with yellow and blue tables for employees increases efficiency. Blue is the colour of genesis. Used in furniture, it improves the quality of work and helps companies grow.

Tips for office spaces

  • Do not arrange seating with back to the door. Instead, have the desk facing the door, sending out a message of power and strength. 
  • Light up the space well. Use a well-balanced mix of artificial and natural light.
  • Avoid a cluttered physical space. Use only necessary furniture.
  • Use tray systems on the desk to organise files. 
  • Personal items should be kept to a minimum. It is good to personalise your space, but keeping too many personal items may lead to a loss of focus.

Note: Raman Handa is a Mumbai-based Life Space Wellness Consultant. He can be contacted at  gauravorion@gmail.com

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