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Happy Endings


The end of the year is invariably a time to evaluate the present and set goals for the future. Most of us do it in our personal lives as well as on the professional front. And whether or not we keep them, we have all been tempted to make resolutions for the New Year.

Before we set our goals, however, we need to look back at the past and draw lessons for the future. So we decided to ask some reputed architects and interior designers to examine the year that was and share their reflections on the impact it made on their chosen field.

Unexpectedly, we encountered no doomsayers among them. Yes, the Recession was felt by the design community by way of a slowdown in real estate projects, but a sense of hope was felt as the year progressed.

To survive the worst-case scenario, people worked harder than before, optimised their resources and cut down on wasteful expenditure. The result was success that came in small doses. Turn to page 28 for more on the subject.

One of the major initiatives of the year was green architecture. When clients realised that it made sound economic sense to use green building products and technology, we went one step closer to saving our planet for the next generation.

While sinister clouds loom over other horizons, it’s heartening to know that India is still shining – despite the year beginning on a dull note and giving way to a dreary pace.

What saved most of us from the darkness of depression is not our brilliant planning, but our cheery optimism. When faced with a cloud, look for the silver lining. It’s a lesson that will serve you for a lifetime.

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