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Grundfos launches S-tube impeller


Grundfos has launched new SE & SL 9-30 kW wastewater pumps with S-tube impeller. The S-tube is the only impeller available in the wastewater market that does not compromise hydraulic efficiency or free passage through the pump.
“The key to the design is simplicity, with no cutting or moving functions that can get worn over time and hereby ensuring a constant, superior efficiency over time. The S-tube impeller is a tube-shaped impeller placed in a pump housing that matches the smooth tube shape through the entire pump with no obstructions or dead zones through the hydraulic,” the company said.
The S-tube impeller and the new tube hydraulic through the pump provide superior hydraulic efficiency up to 84 per cent without compromising free passage; spherical free passage up to 160mm, meaning better solids handling and greater non-clogging capabilities and a design as simple and robust as a tube results in longer lifetime and lower maintenance costs.
“The difficulties in designing high-efficiency impellers have traditionally been challenges with sealing against backflow, vibrations, abrasive wear and clogging. The Grundfos S-tube impeller meets and surpasses all these challenges,” the company said, adding that the have tested the S-tube in the field many hundreds of wastewater installations worldwide prior to release with very good results. “What our customers experienced was substantially lower noise and vibration levels, reduced maintenance, and far better non-clogging capabilities than ever experienced previously,” it said.
The company has uploaded a video on youtube to show that it can get a great message across in a very positive and perhaps even slightly humorous way about Grundfos new SE & SL wastewater pumps with the new S-tube impeller.

Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRwiT28oKk8

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