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Aluminium’s rigidity ensures that its relatively thin frames remain stable under loads. While this quality makes it ideal for construction projects in applications like facades and cladding, it is equally suitable for doors and windows

The metal aluminium has some distinctive qualities that make it an ideal material for the building construction industry. It is strong, durable, corrosion resistant and recyclable. The last quality should make it a preferred choice considering the mega trend of sustainability that the entire world as a whole is experiencing today. Moreover, besides being functionally viable, aluminium also offers aesthetic versatility to designers and architects. These properties have made it extremely popular for a wide range of building applications including doors and windows for more than a half a century in the architectural and engineering world.
Aluminium products – extruded, rolled and cast – are today commonly used for window and door frames, for cast door handles and window catches, for staircase railings, for glazed structures, for roofing, for siding, for curtain walling and even for heating and air-conditioning systems.

With the boom in the construction industry happening in India, aluminium products have a huge promise. It is no wonder that the market is flooded with several domestic as well as international players. And there is no stopping.
There is a growing trend to use aluminium facades to clad buildings, particularly non-residential. These facades not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide insulation properties making the buildings energy efficient. The high strength-to-weight ratio of the aluminium is one of the properties that not only reduces transportation cost but also makes it easy to handle at the work site. Aluminium has a density of 2.7; it is a third the density of steel. Importantly, its strength can be adjusted to suit the application by proper alloying.

This quality – high strength-to-weight ratio – also makes aluminium particularly suitable for various applications in high-rise construction. As the height rises, strong but heavy steel loses its usefulness. This is where aluminium comes in handy. Aluminium components offer comparably high strength and rigidity, making them suitable for applications such as sash and frames of windows and patio doors.
At the same time, despite being used in slimmer proportions, aluminium’s rigidity ensures that the frames remain stable under normal loads. This quality also makes aluminium favourite with architects and designers who can express their creativity better. Corrosion resistance is another added advantage that aluminium offers particularly in places where humidity and salinity are high.

In fact, nowadays there are aluminium products that are specifically designed for high-rise construction. It is not surprising that most of the well known high-rise towers all over the world use aluminium for their doors, windows and other applications. Today, a wide range of thermally insulated as well as non-insulated systems are available in the industry that offer solutions for all fixed, inward and outward opening applications. Different variants are available for architects and developers who want to play with or offer sliding systems.
Today, due to its amazing features and properties, aluminium has inspired innovation in not just individual engineering and architectural projects but also in building techniques. (And we are not even speaking about aluminium formwork systems). It has opened a whole new world for the construction industry.

Quality Vs Price

India is one of the most rapidly growing construction markets in the world today. Besides the massive infrastructural development happening all around, there is a plethora of real estate projects taking place. For developers, designers and architects looking for versatile and high-quality solutions, aluminium can be a great boon.
While the benefits of aluminium products have been quite accepted by the building and construction fraternity in India, there is still immense lack of awareness and understanding with regards to the quality aspect. The market continues to be highly price-sensitive making it easy for cheap and low on quality products to thrive and do well. While some of the leading names from the real estate sector have been proactive on this front, most of the market still relies on low on quality aluminium products.

Why aluminium doors and windows

  • Rigidity and stability
  • Strength and durability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Innovation friendly
  • Aesthetic versatility
  • Visual appeal
  • Insulation – thermal as well as acoustics
  • Easy maintenance

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