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DRI launches new ERVis

Desiccant Rotors International (DRI) has launched its new Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVi’s), for luxury real estate market including villas, apartment, small offices and business setups.
The product has become significant in the current scenario, with energy conservation becoming a crucial concern for everybody and constant rise in awareness of importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) owing to increase in various air borne diseases. The product addresses all these issues as on one hand it is capable of recovering upto 70% energy from the stale exhaust air, thereby reducing the electricity bills as they form a major bulk of operational cost of the homes or business units and on the other hand works towards improving indoor air quality, claimed a company statement.
Speaking about the product Varun Pahwa, Executive VP, DRI said: “Looking at the current increase in energy demand and rise in power cost, energy conservation has become the foremost priority for everybody.DRI product range is backed by the latest technologies, strong R&D and a team of highly trained engineers. Over the years we have invested heavily in R&D to come up with our green products which are consumer friendly and yet work towards keeping environment green. ERVi is a boon to flourishing luxury homes segment.
How does it work? The heart of the Energy Recovery Ventilator is the EcoFresh desiccant coated energy recovery wheel, which slowly rotates between its two sections. In one section, the stale, conditioned air is passed through the wheel, and exhausted to the atmosphere.
During this process, the wheel absorbs sensible and latent energy from the conditioned air, which is used to precondition the incoming Fresh Air in the other section, during the second half of its rotation cycle. Thus, it gives more fresh Air at lower energy costs inside the conditioned space – said the Company.

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