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Ashok Kumar Bhaiya, CMD, Aludecor, speaks about their latest offerings such as affordable fire-retardant ACPs that are helping them stand apart.

Aditya, the first solar-powered ferrry, Vaikom.

What are Aludecor’s latest product innovations and solutions in line with the emerging trends?
One of the latest trends in Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs) today is avoiding silicone sealants for filling up the grooves. Aludecor’s latest product innovation consists of three assembly systems that offer new possibilities and solutions: the Pressure Equalised (PER) system, the Hanging Rainscreen (HR) system, and the Male-Female Rainscreen (MFR) system.
With PER, the same colour of the ACP can be maintained through the grooves and across the façade as the same coloured ACP strips are used in the grooves. This type of cladding also protects the walls from any kind of damage due to adverse weather conditions.
The other two systems by Aludecor give ventilated façades, viz. the HR and the MFR. When these are clubbed with insulation materials, they help save energy by 30% at least.

Given that fire accidents are a serious – and increasing – cause for concern, please tell us how Aludecor’s indigenously-developed 3mm fire-retardant ACPs aim to address the issue. What are the product’s unique features?
Earlier fire-safe ACPs were available only in 4mm for high-priced projects. With a vision to create a fire-safe society, we have come up with affordable fire-safe ACPs in 3mm as 80% of the ACP market in India belongs to 3mm ACPs.
The unique feature of Aludecor’s 3mm fire-retardant ACPs is that it resists fire upto two hours, does not produce flaming droplets and does not emit toxic fumes as well.

The 3mm FR variant has been launched in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata, so far. What has the reception been like in these cities, and what plans do you have to take the product to other markets?
The product has been well accepted by all dealers and fabricators across the cities. We have planned to aggressively market the product and make the product widely available to accomplish our motive towards a fire-safe society.

The Adobe office, Bengaluru.

India has always been a price-sensitive market. How are you ensuring afforability of your products without compromising on the quality and safety aspects?
With the help of our cutting-edge technology and well-trained workers, we achieve a high level of production efficiency. This allows us to offer our ACPs at a fairly affordable price. However, our ACPs come at a slightly higher cost compared to other ACP brands. But in the long run, using our ACP invariably proves to be much more profitable owing to its quality. No one in our country is as equipped as we are and it gives us pride to state the salient features of our manufacturing process:
♦ We introduced the double-coat, double-bake line in India
♦ We have a well-equipped pre-treatment line
♦ We are the only company to have an in-house palletising unit to produce the mineral core for fire-retardant ACPs
♦ We are the only company to have an in-house fire-testing lab, and a baby line (a miniature lamination line to test fire-retardant products)
♦ And we have four lamination lines to meet ever-growing demands

With a growing focus on sustainability, how are your products and solutions geared to support this endeavour?
Our ACPs are coated with lead-free paint and, thus, eliminate the possibility of lead poisoning. We manufacture our ACPs with fully recyclable products like virgin aluminium alloy that help buildings qualify for LEED credits – MR 4.1, MR 4.2, and ID 1.1 to 1.4. Natural products like Copper Composite Panel and Zinc Composite Panel give clean runoff in rainwater harvesting. Moreover, the CCM has the Cu+ certification from the International Copper Association for being anti-microbial.

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