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Few work at surprising customers with novel and innovative products, says Ramesh Jain, chairman, GM Modular.

Interviewed by: Jayashree Mendes

As chairman, could you share your vision for the company and some set goals?
Since inception, GM has grown from a regional switch manufacturer to one of the leading international providers of switches and accessories, and intelligent home automation system solutions. GM, with its multitude of innovations, has been one of the most influential players in the industry.

Besides being the largest switch manufacturing company, we also look forward to lending people the right technology needed for a good lifestyle. The whole idea is to make the best possible product at the best price that can be enjoyed by each consumer who aspire fine living. The company plans to open exclusive experiential stores across every major city in the country so as to make sure that customers get the best of the world. We believe in using technology to provide people with the best amenities that calls for a good life.

Today we are a one stop shop for all architectural needs. From infrastructural projects to households, GM is not just innovative but also diverse. We have some prestigious clients like Cidco, Reliance-Retail, Aditya Birla Group, The Future Group, etc. The Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai has been lit by GM LED lighting and luminaires. We partner with the best names in the industry and will continue to collaborate with the leading innovators around. Society always benefits from the exchange of technology that provides effective solutions.

You are in an industry that sees tough competition. How would you compare your products with those of the competition?
When something is good and accepted, it stands no competition. The sole idea has been to be able to reach to the people and their needs and not to promote what we have. So it becomes much easier in building the right relationship and building that trust when you are able to cater to the needs of the people. The world today is filled with plenty of choices. Multinationals are everywhere catering to everyone. To be honest, it does affect us until people find the same technology, same quality and all of this at a better price with a homegrown company.

If you had to list your strengths and weaknesses, what would they be?
Our greatest strength is the conviction we have in a better tomorrow. It is the most influencing factor at GM. We constantly make ourselves develop designs that reflect the contemporary urban lifestyle. We invest a lot of time in research only to develop what people need, to know how different it is from what already exists and if it will make life any simpler and better. Our products are designed for one and all, for every home that needs a touch of a new world.
To innovate is to reform. To reform is to change from the present to the next. And innovation is the sole idea in the foundation of GM. We are happy when our ideas help in materialising dreams. It’s important for us to achieve the best quality, at the right price, so our customers can enjoy affordable luxury.

Rising demand for modular switches equipped with features such as child safety shutters, USB charging socket, regulators, and LAN connectors are driving technological advancements. This has a high cost of manufacturing. What do you think?
The idea of a smart home that answers to all the needs of the customer is the one that has been inspiring today’s world. From entertainment products to security products, technological advancements will keep pushing the horizon further. The manufacturing sector is increasingly looking towards innovation to ensure productivity, especially in high-cost lifestyle. Gone are the times when security was a luxury or convenience was unaffordable. Some things may have an added cost but it cannot be compromised for the comfortable lifestyle we offer.

Consumer trends and developments are always impacting manufacturing. Lately there has been a resurgence in the manufacturing arena where there is a progressive shift in how manufacturing firms themselves are upgrading. GM believes that high-cost of manufacturing is a constituent of better product and it is of fundamental importance for innovation to achieve its goal.

You have exclusive tie-ups with Disney and Swarovski, besides for technology. Brief us on some of the benefits of this.
We are spread across the country and in several parts of the world. It is the reason we believe in constant innovation, and making products that bring ease of life without taking any extra space within your home. The tie-up with Disney and Swarovski brings in several advantages including establishing a reputation and in building an attractive image before consumers.
Disney has entertained us for years together with its lifelike characters. The animation movies have pleasantly occupied children, youth and the also the old. Timeless characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Little Mermaid, Snow White, Hannah Montana, Cinderella, etc. have entered our lives entertaining us all the way through. By bringing Disney to people’s homes with switch plates and night lamps, we have brought Disney even much closer.

The magical charm of the crystals transforms any given object to its best. With Swarovski, we have added this spellbinding magical touch of the crystals to our switch cover plates. Swarovski is an expression of pure passion towards a luxurious lifestyle. This exclusive range of cover plates come in distinct designs to suit one’s tastes and style. When you have good brands to associate with, it develops a good image of a company’s products in the mind of consumers ensuring good recognition and and builds up positive sentiment which further strengthens the company’s position amongst competitors.

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