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Welspun Flooring launches Spatium6

There is no doubt that office spaces call for a giant reset button

Spatium, Welspun Flooring, Ritam Dey

The ongoing pandemic has the world reforming itself, imbibing the changes with an innovative outlook. The global workforce is presently in the greatest work-from-home experiment of all time as social distancing and conscious movements even for daily activities are now part of the new normal. As we move towards a careful transition from the current lockdown phase to getting back to a workplace routine, there is no doubt that our office spaces call for a giant reset button. Spearheading this pivot, Welspun Flooring has launched Spatium6 - a first-of-its-kind flooring design solution for the “new normal”.

As the renowned industrial designer, curator and author Naoto Fukasawa says, “Design needs to be plugged into human behaviour. Design dissolves behaviour”. Keeping this tenet in mind, Spatium6 is a radical design approach to workplace safety that adheres to the globally accepted norms of ensuring 6 feet distancing - an approach that begins ground-up viz. flooring-up. It is designed to provide ample cues via clear visual floor markers and layouts that make for a safer work environment. It enables easy demarcation of areas such as employee-free zones - may be antithetical but necessary, safe distance zones around workstations, and other areas, like meeting rooms, conference rooms, cafes, and common areas where space is leveraged to be optimally utilized. From bright unidirectional pathways, safe-distance work zones with arresting tile patterns, to colors that soothe the anxious mind; office-goers will find it easier to practice safe distancing at the workplace without having to be constantly reminded about it or even consciously think about it.

“In light of the current situation, companies operating in commercial complexes will have to look for ways to implement mandated safe distancing norms to protect the health of their employees. We believe workplace design is positioned to play a big part in aiding this and bringing about a change in behavior especially when it begins to place more emphasis on choreographing the movement of its occupants in ways that go easy on conscious effort. Through Spatium6 we aim to introduce transformational designs that induce these behavioural changes by creating one-way traffic corridors, maintaining 6 feet distance between workstations and even spacing out meeting rooms and break rooms in the office,” said Ritam Dey, head of design, Welspun Flooring.

In times when it’s business unusual, it’s time for corporates to reconfigure their office space and take the first step towards making them ready for business as usual, so that the workspace can be ‘Now Safe For Work’.

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