Roofing & Cladding: Seeing you from above

Roofing and cladding systems are increasingly becoming novel. Let’s know what they are

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A roof over one’s head, is a nice way of feeling protected. But for the well-heeled, it’s the kind of roof that matters. Very often, one does not spend time thinking about the home’s roof, and that’s a good thing. The only time a roof gets one’s attention is when it’s damaged or leaking. And while a roof’s main objective is to protect and weatherproof the house, don’t underestimate the impact roofing can have on the style and appearance of your home.

The roofing industry in India has witnessed a paradigm shift over the last few years. The main reasons for focused consideration for roofing could be attributed to the growing industrial applications and consumers in general being dissatisfied with existing conventional options. Both cases demand value from roofing investments. This has given an impetus for various roofing materials, especially metal roofing, due to the many virtues it offers to the end customer. The apartment culture has certainly taken over the residential market in major cities of India, but there are several minor/remote pockets that thrive on constructing individual homes.

Mahendra Pingle.

Mahendra Pingle, deputy general manager - market development, Tata BlueScope Steel, says, “In Himachal Pradesh, most of our segments are ruled by residential applications. Our colour coated steel perfectly suits the hilly rugged terrains of the North as well as North East, withstanding the rigours of high winds, snow, hail and torrential rains. The same is the case with extreme weather temperature such as Tamil Nadu and Central India, where people prefer our roofing solutions due to its thermal efficiency. The sectors we primarily focus on are industrial, infrastructure, warehouse, institutional and commercial. From metro stations, airports, manufacturing facilities to schools, colleges and resorts, our roofing solutions are most preferred by architects looking for design flexibility, low maintenance, durability and speed of construction.”

For the company, major potential is in industrial and warehouse sector where metal cladding is preferred covering around 80% of the market share within roofing industry including walling, rainwater goods and accessories, façade, ceiling and liner panel applications. It has been servicing to all progressive sectors in India for more than over two decades by supplying quality roof and wall cladding products and solutions with world class installation practices and will continue to tap newer, diverse markets for the coated steel industry.

Over the top

Today, people are spoilt for choice and there’s a wide variety of roofing materials available. They’re all suitable for both new construction and re-roofing of existing homes. The type of roof one chooses will depend on several factors, including the home’s architectural style and one’s personal preference and budget. Where one lives should also be considered since certain types of roofs are more prevalent in certain regions of the country. For example, clay tile roofs are popular in the southeast and southwest, but not very common in the northeast or Midwest regions.

The global roofing materials market size is expected to reach $151.2 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 3% over the forecast period. Increasing product application in residential and commercial construction activities is projected to drive the growth.

Rising focus on construction of green, energy-efficient buildings leads to an increased demand for roofing materials. Furthermore, the durability associated with the variety of roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and concrete and clay tiles is expected to have a positive impact on the market growth over the forecast period.

A wide variety of roofing materials is available, depending on the aesthetic, structural, and economic requirements of consumers. Over the past few years, roofing structures have emerged as an architectural trademark, which along with being eco-friendly, are also visually attractive, reasonably priced, and structurally sound.

Wienerberger AG, the Euro 3.3-bn global player in the construction sector, has announced an investment of Rs 30 crore in its Kunigal factory in Karnataka. Monnanda Appaiah, MD, Wienerberger India, says, “This announcement comes on the our 200th anniversary and 10th anniversary of our operations in India. The investment will be directed towards upgradation and implementation of new equipment in the factory, converting natural gas as a fuel, and launching of new building solutions. Globally, the company boasts of building over 180,000 houses, covering 290,000 roofs, laying 745,000 km pipes, and paving 17,000,000 m2 surfaces in 2018 alone.”

Monnanda Appaiah.

The market is characterised by a long-term relationship between customers and manufacturers and high brand loyalty. Major industry participants are focusing on enhancing their market share by expanding their product portfolio and focusing on improving product quality.

Consumers today are moving away from conventional choices and opting for modern, value driven roofing solutions. New technologies that promise faster construction, enable ease of installation, are well insulated - sound and thermally, are durable and fulfil green credentials norms, have wooed customers. “With green movement gaining enormous attention, solar compatible roofs are the next big trend. Further boosting sustainability are the green roof construction technologies. These roofing systems have multiple layers where the topmost layer is the green layer comprising of plants that helps save energy consumption due to its insulating properties. There is a new trend emerging of bio-solar roofs are also gaining popularity that combines green vegetation along with solar panels on rooftops. While thermal efficiency is an important consideration, it can also be achieved through innovative paint system with infra-red reflective inorganic pigments used in production of pre-panted roofing materials. Tata BlueScope Steel’s COLORBOND steel has THERMATECH solar reflectance technology, incorporated in its paint system, that helps reduce temperature inside the building by up to 5 degree Celsius, especially in hot climatic zones. Our roofing systems are lead free and can be used for rain water harvesting,” adds Pingle.

Making things new

Another trend is that of double-skin roof, using double layers with gap between them; working as an insulation layer that prevents heat transfer. This helps reduce heat influx inside the building. Cool roof ponds and cool pools with water bodies on top of the roof are also emerging techniques to reduce heat transfers inside the structures. Skylight roofs are very popular for natural lighting, drastically reducing the thermal load inside the building.

Metal profiles are mostly available in trapezoidal and sinusoidal shapes which are either fixed using fasteners/screws or by using clips which are concealed where external roof does not need to be punctured. These are also known as standing seam profiles that offer complete leakproofness. It is also supplied in single ridge to eaves.

The concealed fixed cladding are either locking profiles or standing seam profiles. All these claddings are compatible with solar panel installations.

Pingle says, “Standing seam and locking type profile offer leak-proof properties. The solar panels are fixed using specially designed clamps (as per profile shape) and does not require to make punctures to the roof for fixing them, making it a fully secured system offering great weather tightness. The solar panels are fixed on the trapezoidal roof profile by using solar batten or clamps. Using the right fastener with EPDM washer along with proper tightening, makes trapezoidal roof watertight. For better solar power generation, the solar panel needs to be fixed at a particular angle/slope - in slopped roof it can directly fixed on roof sheeting, but in case roof slope that is almost flat, it can be adjusted using additional supporting structure. LYSAGHT profiles made from ZINCALUME steel/ COLORBOND steel are compatible with solar panels. For all LYSAGHT profiles, we have developed special clamps that is available and can be supplied along with cladding.

In fact, now a days, for a heritage look, clay and cement tiles are used in many parts of India. But asbestos sheeting is banned in most of the countries and India as well due to its carcinogenic property. Advance and innovative Al-Zn alloy coated ZINCALUME steel metal roofing is a popular choice since many years due to its benefits over other inter-material. Pre-painted COLORBOND steel is considered to be best material for roofing for all types of buildings due to its long term aesthetics and excellent heat reflectivity (in-built THERMATECH technology). In roofing materials category, ZINCALUME steel and COLORBOND steel are GreenPro certified products, which are first of its kind, certified by IGBC.

Typically, one can experience a temperature reduction by up to 6 degree C over ordinary colour coated material. Though aluminium roofing is sold in the market, no doubt, it provides excellent corrosion protection as aluminium forms oxide gives barrier type protection (corrosion product) but it is prone to severe pitting and crevice corrosion in severe environmental condition. Aluminium roof is expensive than steel roofing, higher acoustic value, low strength (prone to have dents), aesthetics issue – oil canning at the valley, may not be preferred option for trapezoidal sheeting. It may be good for standing seam (concealed fixed roofing) built-up double skin roofing system. High tensile fabric is not popular but is being used typically for stadiums and parking sheds due to its flexibility in design. However it has several drawbacks. Green roofs are gaining popularity due to the global churn towards sustainable living. Roofing covered with plants can improve the air quality, reduce water runoff and insulate the building roof to reduce urban heat islands.

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