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Building bridges


Bentley Systems’ products allow clients to design models of facilities much before work can start, says the team at Bentley.


Could you detail some of the extensive solutions that Bentley’s BrIM has to make bridges better?
Steve Cockerell, industry marketing director, rail, Bentley Systems: Bridge Information Modelling (BrIM) is our approach to bridge engineering and project delivery. It fosters the use of data beyond bridge design and engineering needs to inform downstream processes such as fabrication, construction, operation, maintenance and inspection. Collaboration is at the core of BrIM, so Bentley’s ProjectWise, Navigator and MicroStation stand out.
RM Bridge is a comprehensive family of integrated 2D/3D/4D software used by engineers for bridges of all types, materials, and construction methods, but particularly signature bridge design and delivery. RM Bridge is deployed on record-breaking projects, allowing users to develop and analyse a bridge model in a continuous cycle.
LEAP Bridge Enterprise is a modeling and analysis solution for small to medium-sized concrete bridges of all types. LEAP supports BrIM through the provision of geometric modeling, substructure, and superstructure analysis and design, and load rating in a single, information-rich environment. Finally, no list of BrIM software in India would be complete without STAAD.Pro, the one-stop shop for any type of structural engineering task. STAAD.Pro is used extensively throughout India and the around the world by structural engineering professional’s to design virtually any structure.

New types of infrastructures, like the Metro Rail, are being created in India. What are the solutions that Bentley has on offer to make Metros effective?
Cockerell: Addressing the entire rail asset lifecycle, Bentley’s Rail and Transit Solution is relied upon by owner operators, light rail authorities and metros, plus engineering consultants worldwide, to reduce costs and improve service, safety, and reliability. The solution includes many products but three that I believe are critical:
MicroStation, a leading information modelling environment explicitly for the architecture, engineering, construction, and operation of all infrastructure types including metro’s, plus the roads, bridges, buildings, communications networks, water and wastewater networks, that serve them. MicroStation provides an immersive environment to interact with 3D models that our discipline-specific applications, and produce trusted deliverables. ProjectWise, the only project collaboration and information management software developed explicitly for the design and construction of AECO of infrastructure projects. It is optimised for real-time collaboration across distributed teams. Power Rail Track includes all the drafting and drawing production capabilities of MicroStation within a single application and delivers productivity improvements, enables better constructability and the opportunity to save time and money.

You have a fully integrated water and wastewater solution. Please expound on the network designs technology in this.
Tony Andrews, solution executive, water, Bentley Systems: OpenUtilities is Bentley Systems’ multi-utility GIS that support water distribution and wastewater collection networks providing utility network layout using CAD engineering precision using smart placement tools in Bentley Map which is built on MicroStation. This brings together the combined benefits of CAD and GIS in one product.
Data models for water and wastewater networks come pre-packaged with the application that not only support asset network infrastructure, like pipes, manholes and valves, but also supports operations and maintenance activities – e.g. for wastewater networks we support inspections such as condition assessment based on CCTV and interventions such as work tasks that can include pipe cleaning programs or repairs such as cured-in-place. Moreover, with OpenUtilities our users can perform on-the-fly cost estimation for new system layout and expansion, or for scheduling of activities mentioned before.
OpenUtilities interfaces with SewerGEMS and WaterGEMS which are two of our hydraulics and hydrologic products for sewers and water distribution networks.

How does MicroStation interact with across all sectors in terms of drafting and modelling?
Mike Schellhase, senior director, product development, Bentley Systems: Microstation CONNECT Edition has many capabilities. Some of the new items in the CONNECT Edition:
 Documentation Centre: provides a new set of tools to produce project documentation more effectively
 Streamlined user experience: New Ribbon based UI allows users to learn the software faster
 Functional Components: allows users to create pre-configured CAD objects that can be reused across projects

What are some of the advantages of ProjectWise?
Schellhase: There are many advantages to ProjectWise but it comes down to the management of project information for complex infrastructure projects. Some new ProjectWise services that are coming include:
 ProjectWise Deliverables Management
 ProjectWise Sharing Services
 ProjectWise Specifications Management
 ProjectWise Project Performance Dashboards.

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