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The best, or worst, thing about heralding a New Year is the empty pages that stretch in front of us. Depending on whether we are excited or intimidated by the possibilities they hold, we would either welcome the year and toast it spiritedly or look upon it with a sense of foreboding and try to drown our dread in the spirits we imbibe.

But if we treat it as an artist’s canvas and use the pigments of our imagination, we could create our own masterpieces. As architects and interior designers, most of our readers are well equipped to sketch a plan on paper and see it materialise in reality. Why not do the same for our own lives, whether personal or professional?

Our cities could well be masterpieces if they were designed by master planners — like Le Corbusier in the case of Chandigarh. Whether or not you agree with his vision, you cannot dispute the fact that he had one.

We review a new book that not only celebrates Le Corbusier’s greatest masterpiece, the Capitol Complex, but also entertains through its amusing and sharp snapshots of the way this modern city and its architecture have been evolving.

Our capital city in India, Delhi, is in the throes of taking on a new avatar thanks to furious preparations for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games 2010 (pg17). Public transportation, sports facilities, training, lodging, security, tourism and recreation are all being fervently modernised.

Unfortunately, there are many environmental concerns that have surfaced about the Games Village site being on the sensitive floodplains of the river Yamuna. Also, the measures being taken are so hasty and unplanned, we can only hope that the damage done to the city in the process is not irrevocable.

Hope, after all, is the message of the holiday season.
Happy New Year!

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