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Vendors have on offer novel products made specially for high-rises.

BY Team CW

Apartments in high-rises in India are a tad more expensive than in a compact building. There’s the cost to building them. But high-rises are what the government will also soon insist on to curb housing shortage and maximise on available land parcels.
In metros, seasoned developers who construct high-rises are well-versed with the modalities of construction methodology and also distinguish between the numerous products they install at the apartments. With high-rises growing taller, developers are looking at novel products that would fit into curated apartments, while offering modernity and appearing imaginative.
Vaibhav Pitale, sr. VP, new installation business, Schindler India, says, “In large metros, buildings continue to grow taller. The taller the building, the more challenging it is to design and install the elevators. Real estate developers seek solutions which would help them tackle the various complexities faced in high rise buildings, like waiting time for an elevator. The solution isn’t just faster elevators because an increase in the number of floors would commensurate with an increase in number of people. It’s important to consider grouping people going to the same floor via destination control, as that would reduce the number of trips, thus reducing waiting time.”
Schindler’s experts from top range division work closely with customers to plan, deliver and install high-speed elevators, customised to building needs. Its expertise is evident from the landmark buildings such as Shreepati Arcade, Antilia, Imperial Towers & Omkar 1973 Worli and The World Towers, which are equipped with high-speed Schindler elevators (S7000), some of them running at 8m/sec.

Vendors are catering to high-rises with numerous kinds of products.

Similarly, Grundfos too has customised products for high-rises. Gaurav Mathur, head, business development for building services, Grundfos India, says, “Taking into account changing requirements of developers, we have introduced the compact hydro-pneumatic booster systems with variable speed drives to achieve unparalleled comfort for users and energy conservation. We have also introduced variants of the booster systems that we sell to the high-rise buildings. Another product is circulator pumps for centralised hot water systems, which ensure that hot water is circulated continuously to maintain the temperature at the consumption points. Normally without these circulators, water was being wasted as users would open taps or showers and let the water flow till they get hot water.”
The company has also introduced numerous efficient wastewater pumps that can be installed vertically or horizontally and can be a dry pit or wet installation.
Explaining about the unique product that his company has, Sebi Joseph, president, Otis India, says, “The Otis SkyRise system, designed for the world’s tallest buildings, uses the SkyMotion machine, among the most energy efficient on the planet. The SkyMotion machine’s lighter weight makes it easier to install and its smaller footprint saves building space. With the SkyBuild which is a self-climbing construction elevator, crews and materials get where they need to be quickly and safely — without a crane, without an external lift and without exposure to the weather. SkyBuild’s unique hydraulic piston system enables it to climb one floor at a time as the building rises. Each climb can be accomplished between shifts, reducing the impact on other trades. And once construction is complete, SkyBuild goes directly into service as a SkyRise elevator.”
Well suited for busy mid and high-rise buildings, the Compass Destination Management System from Otis constantly evaluates real-time passenger traffic to improve flow and travel time, enabling better management of crowds within buildings.
Junichi Kyushima, MD, Toshiba Johnson Elevators India, says, “In high rise projects, selection of an apt vertical transportation system entails multiple exclusive perspectives to suit high rise building requirement, starting with the compliance to the project specifications which are driven by the minimum performance criterion. Ultra-speed and capacity, double deck type elevators combined with exclusive operational features are some of the usual selections made by developers from the novel product range that the market has to offer. Also, these key features and specifications are required to contribute in achieving optimum efficiency on both, handling capacity and average waiting time performance criterion.

We have also introduced variants of the booster systems that we sell to the high-rise buildings.
Gaurav Prasad Mathur

Meeting energy needs
Energy efficiency is another key consideration point while designing the solutions for high rises. Elevators going into sleep mode when not used for prolonged periods of time, regenerative drives, use of LED lighting, lesser number of active lifts during non-peak times, etc., are some of the steps taken. “Schindler is a pioneer in developing and applying sustainable technologies for clean urban mobility solutions. To improve energy efficiency, Schindler uses materials that have lower environmental impact and can be disposed in ecologically sound manner. The development of much lighter components has resulted in further energy savings,” says Pitale.
Similarly, Grundfos offers numerous next gen innovative solutions that can meet the requirements of tech savvy customers. “We are working with BIM models, intelligence embedded pumps and systems that can communicate with each other and ensure they conserve energy and water. We have also brought in centralised management system for all pumps and pumping systems which can be monitored and controlled in whichever part of the world it sits. This also helps in collecting data about the usage which then helps in ensuring we program them for optimal use,” says Mathur.
An interesting offering in this domain is the Grundfos Remote Management – an internet-based, secure and technologically advanced system for monitoring and managing pump installations in commercial buildings, water supply networks, wastewater plants, etc. Through this system, pumps in an entire commercial building complex, water and wastewater treatment plants can be remotely monitored from a control room with minimal human intervention. “Our MAGNA3 circulator which is one of our most efficient futuristic range of circulator pumps comes with the Grundfos-invented intelligent control mode FLOWLIMIT. MAGNA3 with FLOWLIMIT cuts need for pump throttling values in HVAC systems. Installing the Grundfos MAGNA3 circulation pump brings in-built intelli¬gence to help balance HVAC systems. It avoids the need for pump throttling valves and adjusts flow levels precisely through simple user interfaces. As a result, system efficiency improves significantly,” says Mathur.

The taller the building, the more challenging it is to design and install the elevators.
Vaibhav Pitale

lady in elevator – Schindler believes in offering a range of products for different clientele.

Kyushima says that post service sales is a crucial aspect. The safety of men and material is of utmost importance to Toshiba. “We ensure that we achieve the same by an uncompromised preventive comprehensive maintenance. Resulting from our safety procedure, Toshiba holds a zero-accident safety record for installations in India. Also, as there are various factors that could cause problems in an equipment operation, we actively offer real-time solution to the same. In today’s dynamic world where our equipment is required to have almost 100% uptime, having an after-sales business module to be abreast of such demand is considered to be of utmost importance by us.”

Ultra-speed and capacity, double deck type elevators are some of the selections of developers.
Mr Junichi Kyushima

Similarly, Schindler has successfully launched the Schindler Ahead platform partnering with GE & Huawei. Schindler Holding & GE have formed an alliance where Schindler will leverage GE’s Predix Platform and GE’s proven digital industrial expertise in advanced analytics. Also, the partnership with Huawei Technologies is for the development of smart Internet-of-Things (IoT) components for a seamless connectivity of elevators and escalators. The new IoT connectivity solution is a crucial element of Schindler’s digital platform and will enable Schindler to better monitor, analyse and leverage data generated from its elevators and escalators. The platform will provide the following breakthroughs:
Analytics and expert services
• Premier diagnostic and advanced analytics enable Schindler to predictively identify, analyse and resolve possible service issues before they occur
• The closed-loop platform connects equipment, customers and passengers with the Schindler Contact Centre and technicians and keeps everyone informed

The Otis SkyRise system uses the SkyMotion machine, among the most energy efficient on the planet.
Sebi Joseph

Emergency and monitoring services
• 24/7 connection to Schindler’s Contact Centres
• Emergency calls via a reliable digital connection for voice and data
• Permanent monitoring of equipment health via Global Control Centre

Ready for future digital products and services
• Protection of investment with phase wise upgrades as required
• Industry-first platform with over the air (OTA) update capabilities

Machine intelligence
With the Schindler CUBE attached, the equipment becomes smart and connected. Relevant machine data like door movement or lifecycle utilization are collected, pre-analysed, and transmitted to the Cloud Platform. And more, the CUBE runs apps, streams multimedia content, and even handles emergency voice calls. It is always secure.
The CUBE is fulfilling global and local elevator & escalator standards and norms as well as all required certifications, e.g. for lift emergency call systems.

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