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Bauma Conexpo India, Husqvarna, Armin Tavakoli, MD, MENA & India


In early 2018, Husqvarna acquired Atlas Copco’s light compaction and concrete equipment business. The products include complete ranges for concrete and compaction, such as plate compactors, tandem rollers and concrete vibrators.
At that time the company had said that Atlas Copco’s light compaction and concrete product lines are logical expansions of its current product range within concrete surfaces & floors. It would allow them to support customers’ business through the entire concrete floor creation process.
Armin Tavakoli, MD, MENA & India, Huusqvarna, said, “So far, we continued offering customers the yellow coloured equipment, which is now set to change. We have not introduced any changes to the equipment as we didn’t want to alarm them in anyway.” Husqvarna is now investing heavily in R&D to enhance the machines from a performance and functionality perspective. But this is expected to take some time to get into the value chain.
Over time, Husqvarna has plans to set up a dedicated factory in India so as to manufacture them in India. This will allow the company to introduce new products in the Indian market. He adds that so far, the company has pursued real estate and infrastructure projects and finds itself doing quite well in India.
Husqvarna has a range of equipment such as power cutters, concrete placement equipment, dust and slurry management, various kinds of saws, drill motors, demolition equipment, among other things. The electrical demolition robots is one of its flagship products.
Digitalisation is a key focus area for Husqvarna in India and around the globe. In keeping with trends, Husqvarna has introduced IoT across machines thus enabling its customers to track their machines and equipment wherever it may be in use.
The company has ensured that its larger customers are tech-savvy and offer their equipment the right kind of service at the right time. It prefers to sell equipment in India outright, as rentals play an insignificant role here, which is not the case in Europe.

Armin Tavakoli, MD, MENA & India

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