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Stalwarts of green buildings expounded on what will change and how developers need to march forward to carry out a mission

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For long, Construction Week has always been at the forefront of activities and actions that are long-lasting and leave a lasting effect. Of course, one that benefits mankind too. 

As a rule, the magazine has also insisted on developers submitted Green Projects as a separate category when they send in their nominations for the Annual Construction Week India Awards. The idea to understand how India has been faring in the rise of green buildings and the efforts in that direction.

Sustainability in real estate is mainly associated with green buildings. While you will read the contents in the June issue of Construction Week, we will give you a glimpse into the future here.

Our webinar had champions of the green building and comprised:
*T Chitty Babu, Chairman & CEO, Akshaya
*Mili Majumdar, MD, GBCI; sr VP, USGBC
*Shabbir Kanchwala, sr VP, K Raheja Corp
*Shailesh Puranik, MD, Puranik Builder, and 
*Sanjay Bahadur, Group CEO - CC, Pidilite Industries.

Here are some of the valid points they made:

Mili Majumdar: There is a need to revisit what green offers us in terms of optimising cost and newer solutions. Since there are benefits to reap, it would be nice if people looked at maximising its benefits.

T Chitty Babu: There is huge opportunity today in the industry and the way business isc conducted. Designs and business modes need to change. So also for marketing.

Shailesh Puranik: Residential real estate prices depend on location and also the type of development. Some of the things we were used to and accepted as normal are not going to remain so.

Shabbir Kanchwala: High-rises can also be looked at as a green home. Certain change in parameters can enable this to happen. The whole process is one whih looks at individual component and makes them holistically green.

Sanjay Bahadur: Choosing the right building material is what matters. There are several aspects to this. We are going to see some innovation in the walling for sure. About 70% of the heat gain is from the wall and the roof.

This summary is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch the video and know.

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