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Rajan Aiyer, VP & MD, SAARC region; Bruce Warner, Regional Manager, APAC and Roshan Purohit, RSM, SAARC, Trimble, share how Trimble innovative solutions are leading the digital transformation of the construction industry

From l-r: Roshan Purohit, Rajan Aiyer, and Bruce Warner.
From l-r: Roshan Purohit, Rajan Aiyer, and Bruce Warner.

The team at Trimble is constantly look to transform the way the world works. At any given point in time, its products and solutions are being used in myriad ways across industries and verticals, especially in the construction sector.

Rajan Aiyer says, “Today, our core focus is on how digital tools and processes can help construction industry become more competitive and profitable. We empower the professionals to construct with confidence—from concept to design, to build and maintain. By giving customers control with a forward-thinking continuum of solutions and services we want to ensure that the best quality products are delivered in the shortest time span with zero rework . Furthermore, green construction and worker safety are our other top focus areas."

Trimble aims to continue transforming the construction industry across the project lifecycle - planning and design, advanced automation solutions, precision machine control, site positioning, mobile technologies and real time connectivity. Aiyer is excited about the advanced technology solutions that Trimble offers, which allow engineers to optimize the design process and easily collaborate with both owners and contractors, delivering a construction-ready design, built with confidence.

Doing the right thing

Aiyer is confident that a significant portion of this growth in the infrastructure and real estate industry will be enabled by cutting edge tech and its adoption. And that is because today every construction company is convinced that technology is poised to impact the construction industry like never before. From cloud-based collaboration to robots and IoT – an incredible array of advancements are improving the way buildings and infrastructure development happens in India.

Interestingly, what gives the team a new high is its ability to complete projects on time. Roshan Purohit says, “Currently we have a significant number of contractors using our technology in different forms. In Trimble, our aim is to offer transformative technology and not incremental, hence we offer the digital construction process. Although its a new concept, those contractors who have adopted it and had a taste of the benefits, are looking for opportunities to do more while others are racing to catch up.”

Aiyer and Purohit are keen that the industry adopts technology at an early stage in the construction process. They expressed a view that to get a seamless project delivery, technology adoption is essential at the concept stage itself. Purohit says, “ We offer a holistic continuum of solutions for every phase of the project which gives owners increased visibility and traceability—from engineers to contractors, to keep you close to projects, so they stay on track for success."

Aiyer points out the advantages of using Trimble in infrastructure projects. “If you consider the total cost of ownership of a road over five years, it’s a huge sum. However, if you use technology, you can get 30-40% reduction in the total cost of ownership, also referred to as TCO. Technology implementation would only cost a fraction of that amount but bring in immense benefits. We often challenge our customers saying that we’ll give you this technology to show you how much money you can save. We know well that our tech can help them construct with confidence.” he adds.

Bruce Warner of Trimble Loadrite mentioned, “India has always been at the forefront of saying a yes to technology and we have seen a constant endeavour to blend virtual and real world, thus a resultant significant increase of technology usage in domestic projects. The only way to penetrate the market further is by providing customised solutions as per the project requirement."

Trimble is aware that the vast geographic nature of India and the involvement of multiple stakeholders in each project will not make it an easy task for them. However, the team is all geared up to play a key role in the transformation of the Indian  construction industry as it evolves to compete more effectively and profitably.

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