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Keeping track

PMV Middle East looks at the development of the GCC telematics industry Though a long time coming, the regional uptake of telematics is finally rising in leaps and bounds, even if users don’t yet appreciate the technology’s full utility. John Taylor, COO of Sitech Gulf, the official distributor of Trimble and a subsidiary of Gulf Caterpillar dealer Al-Bahar, says: “We’ve seen fantastic adoption of the techn ...

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Country roads, take me home

It’s said that you can tell a country by its roads. Longer the roads, faster the growth; broader the roads, better the development. And smooth roads always mean a healthy, vibrant economy. “The economic impact of good roads can never be understated,” says Vinod Agarwal, Managing Director, GR InfraProjects Ltd, an Udaipur based road developer. “To boost our country’s GDP, we need sustained investments in inf ...

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Robust growth

 BY SUMANTRA DAS The Indian excavator industry largely believes that the segment will certainly witness growth in the long term. The industry is betting big on the back of rapid growth seen in the infrastructure sector. From roadways to airways, ports to airports and power production facilities, the infrastructure segment is becoming vast and robust. Owing to this fast-paced growth, excavators seek con ...

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Rising to the challenge

Equipment manufacturers are gearing up with advanced machines to meet the demands of India's road building sector Although the pace is currently punctuated by procedural hurdles and slowdown, India’s roads and highways story is far from over. As the country ambitiously plans to lay massive number of new roads and rebuild the old ones to match its projected economic growth, it has thrown open new oppor ...

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In top gear

With increased thrust on construction activities, the demand for trucks and trailers which are used by construction industry is expected to see a steady growth in India. The current market size of heavy duty truck and trailer segment (16 tonnes to 49 tonnes) is estimated at 1.60 lakh. “In 2009-10, the market size was of Rs58,000 crore. This includes the M&HCV segment along with buses, goods and pa ...

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Paving way for the future

Road building equipment manufacturers say they are ready to take up the challenge of executing India’s huge road building projects, says Syed Ameen Kader India is taking up massive road building exercise throughout the country. The sector has received good momentum and it has opened up new opportunities for equipment manufacturers. [[banner]] With lots of catching up to be done, India is putting a muc ...

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Mining equipment industry in top gear

As mining becomes intense, the demand for mechanization and highly productive, safe, efficient and cost effective machinery will increase, writes Shyamal Asangi in this report For the past several years the mining sector has been growing at the rate of 3% to 4% annually. Moreover, the new mining policy of Government of India is expected to give a further boost to the mining sector and the government is expe ...

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