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David Salmon

The newly-formed David Salmon Carpet & Rugs offers a range of hand-woven and hand-knotted rugs and carpets. A total of 31 collections, featuring  196 designs and 51 sizes, have been sourced from India, China, Pakistan and Nepal. A worldwide 10 to 14 day delivery commitment is being offered, along with the option of a bespoke service. Amongst the many carpets on offer are the exotically named Aubusson Ch ...

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Roman has launched Embrace, a new range of shower enclosures featuring an integrated digital valve offering. The Embrace range features all the key enclosure shapes and sizes on the market. It also offers bi-fold, pivot and sliding doors, along with a range of wetroom panels, with the option of a designer glass motif, and a walk-in enclosure. There is also the option of operating the shower via remote contr ...

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Deva has added to its water-saving Satinjet range with the launch of the sleek, modular Tahi. Tahi’s striking architectural design incorporates the revolutionary Twin-Jet Technology, which offers savings on water and energy of up to 40% with each shower taken. The Twin-Jet technology works by angling two jets of water to collide, creating a soft, wide reaching spray, with 3,000 tiny droplets of water per se ...

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Designed by Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro of Sand & Birch Design, Loraine is a comfortable chaise longue upholstered in velvet or microfibre. The wooden structure is covered with differentiated density polyurethane foam to create a shape that mimics the movement of the sea. Sand & Birch Design +39 773 1762584 ...

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Aurea LCD TV

Philips has launched the next generation of Aurea FlatTVs. Iconic and design led, the new range features the latest version of Philips Active Frame technology – the outer frame surrounding the television screen perfectly emulates the colours on the screen with an ever-changing glow of light. The improved Active Frame also features a new brilliant pearl colour, made from high-quality glass with anti-reflecti ...

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The Tiger Eye Collection launched by the Solid Stone Co. Ltd., offers the opportunity to embellish interior spaces with semi-precious gemstones that have decorated palaces and other monumental structures in the past. The Tiger Eye, a semi-precious gemstone that resembles the eye of the tiger, helps in relieving blood pressure, protects one during travel and is beneficial to the weak and the sick.  Blue Eye ...

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SAP as a business tool

When Ahmedabad based Montecarlo Constructions needed a rugged software to integrate its business functions, HCC helped it with SAP. Satish Pendse writes how During the last issue, I had written about importance of world-class ERP such as SAP for a construction organisation. The key advantage is the availability of single set of figures giving end-to-end view of the business in an on-line, real-time manner. ...

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Build, Transfer, Operate

The housing market has provided some nasty shocks to developers. What would have been the outcome if most houses were prefabricated? Did you know that McDonalds outlets use prefabricated structures, and are known for constructing the building and opening for business within 13 hours (on pre-prepared ground works)? That’s the beauty of prefabrication. Energy efficient prefab construction can vastly help redu ...

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