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Winning the Present

Since joining Ozone Group in 2014, could you tell us your initiatives in innovations, charting the growth path and how you execute projects? Since joining Ozone Group, my primary focus has been to deliver innovative and state-of-the-art townships, keeping the buyers requirements on a pedestal. Excellence, ground-breaking construction know-how and visual appeal are a few significant features we follow while ...

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Looks Good

Rajeev Antony, MD, Schüco India, explains how they have adapted to the Indian market, while keeping strong German standards. BY Jayashree Mendes How do you work out the designs for your products? Schüco has a pedigree of more than 60 years globally. We have a policy that in every new country we approach, we launch our bouquet of global products as they fit in easily into local requirements. We also adapt sp ...

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Playing it Safe

As developers shift focus to advanced safety & security systems, vendors are flooding the market with superlative options. BY Mitalee Kurdekar Even though safety & security systems were traditionally viewed as costs, rather than necessities, in today’s environment, aspects of safety & security have gained tremendous importance. The increase in personal risks from adverse forces all around is mak ...

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Green Wash

New materials and technologies are helping create eco-friendly roofs so that residents don’t hit the roof. BY jayashree mendes With land prices shooting through the roof and cities bursting at the seams, it’s unreasonable for the common man to afford the luxury of building a house. One has to be content to buy an apartment if it’s within one’s means. Having said that, it doesn’t signify doom for the industr ...

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In Top Form

Complex operations necessitate safer & more sophisticated crane technology, and crane vendors are providing just that. BY Mitalee Kurdekar With a view to achieve all-round economic development in the country, India had targeted an impressive 11% growth for its construction sector in its 12th Five Year Plan period. This was estimated to result in a significant Rs 45 trillion investment in creating new in ...

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Limitless Luxury

Atul Chordia, chairman, Panchshil Realty, has transformed the Pune skyline with plush creations and cutting-edge technology. by Mitalee Kurdekar Atul Chordia is a man of few words. The chairman of Panchshil Realty prefers to have his work do all the talking. On their part, his projects – spanning the length and breadth of Pune city – have plenty to proclaim. Whether it is long-standing edifices representing ...

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Tracking Progress

Brijesh Dixit, MD, Maha Metro, elaborates on his ambitious plans for the Nagpur Metro project, and how it is leading the way for Pune Metro. Interviewed by Mitalee Kurdekar You are at the helm of Nagpur’s massive 38.2km metro system. Can you give us an overview of the project? This project was sanctioned in 2014 and will provide a Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) to the city of Nagpur. We started the physic ...

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The Winning Streak

Duville Estates’ director Tushad Dubash is building Riverdale with a strong conscience. The buildings speak for themselves. BY jayashree kini-mendes When a 200-odd year old business family, with core competency in shipping and related services, gets into the real estate business, it might seem like a natural extension of a business with varied interests. But what few know is that the Dubash family patriarch ...

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Back in the saddle

Why mining is integral to every living person is proof from the domestic appliances to the cooking utensils to the jewellery we wear, and even the fillings used by the dentist in teeth. Most of the materials used to make these objects are from materials that are dug out or mined. It is not necessary that all these are mined only underground. While coal and some minerals are available under the ground, open- ...

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Building India Inc

Indian owners and contractors need to rethink the way roads are built. A lot of thought and coordination goes into building long-lasting roads. BY jayashree kini-mendes There is a very apt English maxim, which rightly sums up the long-standing problems in India. The maxim is ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’. Few people act out of bad intentions. Actions of one person may not seem good to the ...

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