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Boom and concrete pumps have cemented their place in the industry by ensuring uniform pours and superior construction quality, besides addressing cost, waste and environmental compliance issues. If one casts an eye around the construction space, one is bound to notice high-rise super structures in every urban center or town. Metro cities, in fact, boast a number of such mega projects being executed simultan ...

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Building for health

A good façade and fenestration can act as a steward of outdoor pedestrian welfare and contribute to the well-being of residents or inhabitants. BY Jayashree Kini Mendes They are undeniably complex systems to create, but they are part of the building that is visible to the world, sometimes even from afar. The façade is the perfect canvas for the vision of the developer, the creativity of the architect and in ...

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On the Fast Track

India’s aging transport systems are getting a revamp with technologies supporting the rise, fast implementation, and success of metro rail projects. BY Mitalee Kurdekar If one chronicles the journey of metro rail projects in India, it surely would make for an interesting read. For starters, it is difficult to believe that while the idea for a modern metro rail system was initially discussed more than 60 yea ...

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Master Strokes!

ABIL Group MD Amit Bhosale’s timely business decisions have helped him juggle their real estate, hospitality and infrastructure interests with stellar success. BY Mitalee Kurdekar If there is one thing Amit Bhosale, MD, ABIL Group, knows, it is how to make a winner of a venture he takes on. Whether it was his pet project, The Westin, Pune, when he first started out in the family business or his more recent, ...

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Discreet Charm

The varied and exotic materials, shapes and sizes for flooring is catching the Indian real estate industry by storm. By Jayashree Kini Mendes One may walk all over it and if it’s a sound floor, it knows better than to protest. And no, we are not talking about the stealth factor here. As an application, the right flooring material is for the long haul. Flooring is not always only tiles. Other materials that ...

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Steel the Deal

Impetus caused by renewed demand due to construction activities and a focus on innovation are helping in the steady recovery of the steel industry. BY Bindu Gopal Rao India is the third largest producer of crude steel in the world after China and Japan. In fact, the country’s crude steel production rose nearly 6% to hit an all-time high of 101.28 MT last year as per official data. During April-December of t ...

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Craning Forward

With strict timelines and operational regulations to be met by developers, tower crane vendors are stretching themselves to meet specific demands in the face of rapid urbanisation. By Mitalee Kurdekar The construction boom in India is quite a modern phenomenon. As a consequence, the construction-related OEM product market has also been growing at a fast pace in recent years. Within that space, the advent of ...

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Miles to go

Much has been written about the pace of construction of roads & highways, but what exactly is being done to make them last longer? BY Jayashree Kini Mendes On paper, India has long claimed some of the world’s most extensive road and rail networks. That belied reality: roads were twisting, bumpy, crowded and dangerous. Railways were largely single-track, which caused delays, or narrow-gauge, which limite ...

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Prudent Capitalist

Bijay Agarwal, MD, Salarpuria Sattva, has built an empire through studied means and believes quality and on-time delivery is the key to success. By Jayashree kini mendes If the chairman of MahaRERA, Gautam Chatterjee, were to meet Bijay Agarwal, MD of Salarpuria Sattva Group, there’s a strong chance that he would have held him up as a shining example to other developers. Ever since Chatterjee took over, he ...

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The Road to Recovery – An overview

Excon 2017 proved that the construction equipment industry is bouncing back, after a bad slump, and in answer to the Government’s ambitious plans. <strong> By Mitalee kurdekar &amp; Jayashree Mendes</strong> The sun was out and shining bright. Those who attended the last edition of Excon will know that this is no small blessing. While Excon 2015 was a bit of a wash-out, both in terms of the ...

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