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The Retrofit Revolution

There are several myths surrounding green construction. But developers and vendors alike are looking at breaking through this to make for sustainable living. By Jayashree Kini Mendes The world is paying the price for rapid urbanisation and massive population increase in the quest for faster economic growth. Over the last few decades alone, we have depleted our natural resources because of the dynamics of ur ...

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Rise of the Urbanators

While smart mobility may be their prime objective, elevator & escalator vendors also have to keep efficiency and comfort in mind when catering to India’s urban users. By Mitalee Kurdekar If one looks closely at what is happening in the Indian real estate sector, one cannot but agree that change – rapid change – has been the only constant. Robust consumer expenditure within the Indian economy, buoyed by ...

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Made of Steel

Steel has always been a popular construction material owing to its many merits, but is now gaining further recognition as developers turn to steel buildings for construction. By Bindu Gopal Rao Steel is the ideal construction medium for warehouses and other industrial buildings for a variety of reasons. In addition to being economical and durable, steel also provides the simplest solution for building desig ...

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Gaining Altitude

Development of new airports is seeing an emergence of new materials and designs. By Team CW When the government launched the UDAN-RCS (regional connectivity scheme), it gave hope to millions of Indians who always wanted to fly, but could not afford to. The scheme has two components, of which the main component was to develop new and enhance existing ones thus increasing the number of operational ones. This ...

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Mind the Gap

Of course, India is building roads rapidly. However, authorities need to offer clearer facts about the kind of equipment and technology being used. By Jayashree Kini Mendes We are not denying that India is not building her infrastructure. Though late in the day, it is happening — slowly and steadily. But the point that most city folk would like to know is: Where are these roads & highways actually comin ...

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Realty Check

Having established a strong brand pan-India, Pirojsha Godrej, executive chairman, and Mohit Malhotra, MD & CEO, Godrej Properties, are giving competitors a serious run for their money. By Mitalee Kurdekar There is a lot that this dynamic duo has in common. While their similar working styles in terms of their analytical thinking and attention to detail are common knowledge by now, there is one quality th ...

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With a spate of infrastructure projects underway in India, tunneling work is in high demand, and constantly evolving The tunnelling industry is not new to India, with some of the best tunnels having been constructed during the pre-independence period using the traditional drill and blast technique, and still going strong. However, the fact remains that there was an abundance of time and workforce available ...

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Spread across 5 lakh sq-ft, the multi-level Howrah Metro station is 30m below ground level. The Howrah Station witnesses footfalls of over 10.5 lakh per day. You can imagine the bustle! More than 730 trains ply through two railway yards when the area also has a bus terminus and ferry services across the Hooghly river. With the modern Metro Rail coming up in Kolkata, Howrah will also get a Metro station, whi ...

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Ports and container shipping are matters that are being carefully looked into in terms of infrastructure building and automation India’s coastline is a natural attraction for sea trade. Moreover, it’s cheaper than roads. Luckily for us, one Minister has been given the portfolio of road transport and shipping. This makes his task onerous, but it’s a solace that one department can give us the lowdown on what ...

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Anuj Puri, chairman, ANAROCK Property Consultants, would like to overturn dubious business practices by introducing impeccable values and corporate governance in the Indian real estate industry. He’s not your ubiquitous camp follower. Disruptive thinking is what he does best. That is a requirement of today’s age. It is probably the reason why real estate honchos throng him and thrust their high-priced apart ...

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