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The Metal with Mettle

Despite being tagged element number 13, aluminium is proving to be lucky for the construction industry, given its multiple uses. BY Mitalee Kurdekar Look at the fast changing skyline of our cities and one clearly notices the contribution made by aluminium, be it small structures or tall skyscrapers. Whether it is glass facades or internal skeletons, most of them rest on aluminium frameworks, right from door ...

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True as Steel

The versatile alloy continues to prove its mettle in construction, a fact that is resonated by the industry’s dependence on it by Mitalee Kurdekar As one of the most vital tools for construction, steel enjoys a pride of place in the construction material hierarchy. Of course, the resilient alloy has earned that spot. Whether it is used for its load bearing quality or as cladding, for its sustainability feat ...

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Making green personal

 By Jayashree Mendes Buying green is becoming a rage. Barely a day goes by without the rollout of a environmentally green product. Right from electric cars to waterless car wash to low electricity consuming lights... you name it and there is a product available. Perhaps the products that help one save energy appeal to those who value their future environmental benefits. But there is another side to this. De ...

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Ready for a constructive role

India’s construction industry that is growing at the rate of 30% annually makes a good case for rapid growth of construction chemical sector. Though the industry has not been in the forefront to adopt chemicals as integral part of construction, much due to lack of awareness, the situation, however, slowly but steadily improving. With all the emphasis is now on infrastructure development which has opened up ...

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Sum of all parts

Green building materials and green products have played an important role in the progress of the green building movement in India. In this interesting feature, we present the building industry’s perspective on this issue and follow it up with a list of some of the finest green products available in the market In an interview with Construction Week, Dr Prem Jain, Chairman of the Indian Green Building Council ...

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Good walls make good homes

Editor Niranjan Mudholkar recently visited the Philippines to check the claims of new building technique originating in that country and recently introduced in India An innovation can be considered worthwhile only if it meets three basic criteria. It should be economically viable; it should be easily replicable and it should also deliver consistent results over a period of time. Moreover, if an innovation c ...

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Stride forward

Mixing and matching trends and materials results in strikingly natural-looking yet functionally superior flooring, informs Sapna Kulshrestha From corks and wine barrels to salvaged barn doors and from rustic reflections to urban chic, there is a dizzying array of possibilities being discovered by designers when it comes to flooring. A basic and integral element, flooring, done intelligently, not only sets t ...

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Leeding Lights

As we gear ourselves to be environmentally responsible, it is important to look at, marvel and emulate proven models of Green architecture. In comparison to a conventional building, a Green building conserves natural resources, optimises energy efficiency, uses less water, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for its occupants. The concept also includes resource-efficient models of renovation, ...

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Green Engineer

The next time you see an imposing building, go beyond its swish interiors and/or architectural style. Look at it more holistically. Is it energy efficient? Does it have a sound public health engineering system in place? Does it have a well-networked, integrated building management system? Ultimately, it is efficiency on these parameters that make a commercial or residential building comfortable to live and ...

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