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The dawn of the ‘living building’

Every piece of architecture that looks green may not necessarily be. With pollution reaching an all-time high and natural resources depleting fast, ‘Green architecture’ ensures that we design our living spaces with minimal impact on the world around us. The concept, that is a norm in the west, is fast catching up in India too, says Mahesh Anand, who feels that green living starts with a deeply conscious min ...

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Disruptive improvements to look forward to

By Rohit Katyal, Executive Director & CFO, Capacit'e Infraprojects   We   have   all   experienced   the   impact   of   disruptive technology  in  our  everyday  life,  be  it  internet  search based  decisions  or  on-line  shopping  or  mobile  app based services. What  possible  disruptive  improvements  can  we  look forward to in the construction industry?   Carbon-neutral Cement Cement  ...

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What is holding back India’s affordable housing supply?

The government’s flagship policy to achieve housing for all by 2022 has thrust the affordable housing sector into the spotlight. Headline changes to the industry, such as PMAY and RERA, have grabbed the public’s attention and made homeownership a real possibility for more families. Yet, while this issue may be gathering unstoppable momentum in terms of housing demand, the question of how to increase supply ...

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