Asia’s largest solid waste mgmt project in Kanpur Reviewed by Momizat on . Kanpur Nagar Nigam has awarded the end-to-end and integrated project to anage and dispose Kanpur's solid waste in an environment friendly and fficient manner. U Kanpur Nagar Nigam has awarded the end-to-end and integrated project to anage and dispose Kanpur's solid waste in an environment friendly and fficient manner. U Rating:
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Asia’s largest solid waste mgmt project in Kanpur

Kanpur Nagar Nigam has awarded the end-to-end and integrated project to anage and dispose Kanpur’s solid waste in an environment friendly and fficient manner. Under this mandate, a2z Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of A2Z Maintenance and Engineering Services Limited, will commission Asia’s largest integrated municipal solid waste management project for the city of Kanpur. Kanpur Nagar Nigam had earlier awarded a2z Infrastructure in June 2008 he mandate for process and disposal of the city’s solid waste. This mandate is ow extended to cover collection and transportation.
In a joint press conference organised by the company and Kanpur Nagar Nigam in the city today, the company announced setting up of India’s first municipal solid waste to power project in Kanpur. Majority of the fuel used in the plant will be RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), which is derived from solid waste.
The power plant is scheduled to be operational by March 2011 and will have the capacity to produce 15MW of power. The company plans to sell the power to the state as well as on merchant basis. The technology adopted by the company to produce RDF is organic and ensures that the fuel is homogeneous in nature. RDF is also considered as a better replacement for coal and has much lesser missions than coal.
Speaking at the occasion, the Kanpur Municipal Commissioner, R Vikram Singh said, "We are proud that Kanpur has been ranked amongst the top 10 sanitized cities in the country by the Ministry of Urban Development and believe that next year Kanpur will Rank no 1 in cleanliness too. He appreciated the role played by a2z Infrastructure and reminded the citizens of Kanpur that it was time now to change their attitude towards cleanliness so that the technological breakthroughs brought about by a2z are best utilized by the city."
a2z Infrastructure had earlier commenced the processing and disposal of the solid waste in October 2009 and currently processes 1,500 tonnes of municipal solid waste per day from a population of 31,16,263 in the city. This project has contributed to the reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by avoiding the methane generation from the wastes at the landfills. The entire project complies with all specifications and norms of the Central Public Health and environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO). The project is the only Integrated Resource Recovery Facility (IRRF) with varied portfolio of derivatives from the garbage.
The company also produces 150 tonnes of compost per day from municipal solid waste under the brand name of Vasundhara. This is the largest quantity of compost being produced by a single MSW player in the country. The quality of compost generated is as per the FCO (Fertilizer Control Order) Amendment,
2009 and is the only government certified compost in the country. The company also plans to scale compost production to 300 tonnes per day by August, 2010.
RN Goel, Project Manager, C&DS, UP Jal Nigam, who are the nodal agency for award and monitoring of the MSW projects in the state of UP, said, that he was very satisfied by the achievements of Kanpur MSW project. He said it was a pioneering project which will be emulated by all ULBs across the country.
Dr Rajneesh Mehra, CEO, a2z Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. said, "India produces 1,42,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste per day which is growing at 5% per
annum. a2z Infrastructure currently has a portfolio of approximately 6,000 tonnes of solid waste per day across cities such as Kanpur, Indore, Patna, Varanasi, Meerut etc. The Government of India announced a National Urban Sanitation Policy with a view towards making all Indian cities and towns healthier and more livable.
The government has included 100% urban sanitation as its goal in the 11th five year plan. Its ultimate aim is for people in urban areas to have access to safe sanitation facilities by 2012. We look forward to support the government in its endeavor and replicate this highly successful and sustainable business model in other cities".
a2z Infrastructure along with Kanpur Nagar Nigam organised an initiative to reiterate the importance of environment conservation among the people of Kanpur on June 5th, 2010 – The World Environment Day. The company will set out 100 mini trucks to all wards of the city and distribute saplings to the citizens of Kanpur. The company will educate citizens by organising quizzes on environment and reward them with gifts. This initiative will be flagged of by Mr
Amit Ghosh, Divisional Commissioner of the region.
Kanpur stood at the 10th place among India’s 423 cities in the rank of cities on sanitation 2009-10 report by the Ministry of Urban Development, GOI.

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